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:wave: [SIZE=2][COLOR=Indigo]I am currently on antibiotics for acne (novo-minocyline). I have been on it about a month it does not seem to be working.
Could anyone answer my questions?
1. Did you try the same antibiotic as me?
2. Did it work? How did it work - any side-effects?
3. Did you try Accutane?
4. Did it work? How did it work - any side-effects?
5. What type of skin do you have? (oily, dry, moderate, etc)
6. I have moderately severe acne with oily skin on my back, face, and chest. What do you recommend I do? (Keep using antibiotics or use accutane)

***EXTRA 7. Did anyone find it annoying to wait 2-3 hours before and after taking the antibiotic, novo-minocycline, before having any calcium (i.e. milk products: chocolate, cheese, etc.)[/COLOR][/SIZE] :rolleyes:
I was on minocycline for 4 months and it never cleared me up 100%. After about 3 months it did seem to "calm" things down for me, but my face was still breaking out.

I am on accutane right now....and YES, It was very annoying about the waiting for two hours before/after while on the minocycline. It is nice that you don't have do that with the accutane...that actually encourage you to drink milk with it.

I've been on the minocycline 100mg for years. I went thru one round of accutane in 94, which it helped tremendously. It managed to keep the cysts away for about 2.5 years. For the most part what has returned is not on the front of my face so it is less noticeable. I've doubled up on my minocycline the last several days.. not sure what is going on this time.. it is most likely hormonal.

My opinion.. after a full month of being on it you should notice improvement. I always fall back on the minocycline.. it gets hard though finding doctors that will agree though. My current Derm isn't on the new insurance..

good luck

Your not supposed to take calcium (milk, cheese, yogurt etc) and Iron (? I think) two hours prior and two hours after taking minocycline...also you are supposed to take it on an empty stomach, and if you are taking it 2X a gets to be a pain in the rear.


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