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Hi everyone,

I just wanted to let everyone know that I "had" mild to severe acne & its all gone now! yay! I started accutane in the middle of 04-2004 & compleated treatment 10-04. I want to let everyone know that so far its been the best choice i have ever made. I have no acne at all I get a few white heads here and there but nothing compared to what I use to get. I had alot of scaring that faded & is still fading.

The only side effects that I had was chapped lips & a had what looked like a cold sore for 1 month & then it came back two months later. I just want to tell everyone for those who have acne... take accutane & take it now before youra acne & scaring gets worse. Sure pimples come & go but the scaring stays & thats what takes lo long toget ride. Tkae accutane before more scaring occures. I don't belive you will regret it. But remember this post is just my opinion.

I wish I truley had done it sooner & I wouldn't have to be waiting now for my scaring togo away. The results are so amazing. Its one of the best choices I have ever made.

I just wanted to share this with those of you who are thinking about taking acutane. Trust me once you take it & your skin clears you'll prbably won't return to this board for a long time. I use to be on this board all the time & as I started to see reults the more excited I was the less time I spent on this board. I haven't even been on this board since 08-04. But I was washing my make up off this afternoon & looking at my face I thought about how my face use to be & thought about how I use to be on this board all the time & no longer felt the need to anymore.

I know many people are scared of the side effects. Most people just get chapped lips & dry eyes...oh yea and I was itchy for like two days only but it was worth it. You will feel so much better about yourself I belive.

I just want to make it clear these are just my opinions. Thanks!

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