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Has anybody bought or tried this ?? theres a book called your last acne solution and i would like to know if its worth it and what it is in general... Thank you in advance
ya, if anyone knows bout this book, could you please say so?
Problemz, who is the author?
I'm not so sure about the whole diet and detoxing thing. My diet has been cleaned up for almost exactly 1 year now, and I've detoxed using a bunch of different methods, and I've been taking He***nacine (a natural skin support vitamin) but I'm still breaking out. I'd say I'm in better shape than last year at this time, but not by that much. My insides can't be in too bad of shape at this point with all the detoxing and healthy eating and exercise. I fully believe that acne is a hormonal problem, I'm just not sure how much detoxing and healthy eating can help balance hormones. Especially since most of my friends are the most horrible eaters you'll ever meet and they have great skin. I mean they eat nothing but junk food and lots of it.

So what does he say about hormone balancing that doesn't just involve eating healthy and flushing out your system with lemon juice? Cause I know on his website he says something like "Why do your friends who don't take care of their bodies have nice skin and you don't? Let me tell you.....", and then he proceeds to make you buy his book.

So even he knows that some people can eat like crap and not exercise and have great skin.

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