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[QUOTE=tastas]Hi, I just wanted to say that I have no idea if eating processed food makes a difference with acne, but I wouldnt doubt it...because some foods are so full of additives and junk, and they do make me feel a little sick sometimes. (oreo's, ramen noodles, doritos) But, I know for sure that my acne is genetic, more than anything else. My father, and aunt had acne, and my 2 younger brothers have severe acne. Nothing works for any of us except for accutane. What we eat dosent make much of a difference.[/QUOTE]

Acne isn't genetic!!! Anyone and everyone has acne or a pimple at some time in their life. What is genetic is the strength of your liver, 'hormone regulators', and bowels. Haven't you seen people with extremely oily skin and wonder why they don't have acne? That's because you don't get acne until you mix the oil with the toxins from the blood and lymph fluids. It's that mix that creates acne. Bacteria doesn't give you acne either. That the simple reason acne isn't contagious. If you rub the bacteria all over the face of someone who's blood, and bowels are clean and are free of all toxins there is no way they can get acne just for the simple reason that the bacteria cannot live. It doesn't have anything to thrive off of.

Accutane is the worst drug you can take for acne. People that take accutane get acne back even worse because of the serious liver damage it does. So it turns into a battle that's going to be harder to get out off. :nono:

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