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Yes, I said it. It's sad but true that all these 'drugs' are just traps. :eek: I'm posting this thread because I have read "Your LAST Acne Solution" and want to fill you guys in on the truth about the lies the medical profession has told you. I won't tell you everything because that is taking away from the author but, through this I hope you all learn alittle. :D

FACT- You are what you eat! Dermatologist have lied to you if they have said that food has no correlation with acne. :p It certainly does. Certain foods are toxins and toxins create acne.

To TRUELY eliminate acne you need to get to the root causes. There are 2 root causes.

1. Hormonal Imbalances
2. Congesting toxins in the blood and lymph fluid

Topical creams work like make-up and only cover the symptons of acne. They are actually having a constant battle with your skin. That is why when you come of a topical cream or gel your acne actually worsens! He (the author) had an analogy: Consider your face a pond with fresh water running in and out. You eat 'toxins' and the pond becomes clogged up. Now that the pond is clogged up scum starts to overgrow (oil) and now it is considered an ideal place to breed for mosquitoes (bacteria). You can spray all the insecticides (topical creams/gels) you want but the pond is still stagnant. And as long as it's stagnant mosquitoes will rehatch and your back to where you first started.

Anti-biotics only work short-term also! They kill all the bacteria in your body including the friendly bacteria that helps acne! :nono: The bacteria strain will mutate into a super-strain and that antiobiotic will no longer work. That is why so many people on this board say that the antibiotics only worked for 'this many months'. Now the bacteria is much more aggravating and can live longer. :eek:

Now you've dug yourselves a whole that is going to be even hard to get out of and you have wasted your money on all the wrong things. When what you really needed to know from the first place is this:

Acne is a sign that something in your body is not right. You body is actually trying to tell you that something in your body is wrong!! Your avoiding it and trying to cover up the symptons and it's get worse and worse and worse until your hormones balance out (you finish puberty) or you realize that your liver can't handle all the hormones it's getting (adult acne).

If your car engine is smoking are you just going to blow the smoke away or are you going to pop open the hood and fix the problem? Same thing with your skin! Your body is bringing out pimples but being ignorant we just cover it up with whatever we can find.

If you want me to post more just let me know because I don't want to post this for nothing.
Milk thistle has been my acne cure. I didn't know my liver was in such bad condition until I did the blood lab a couple of weeks ago for accutane and they didn't accept me. They said my liver wouldn't be able to handle it. (THANK GOD!!) I researched on how to strength the liver in hopes of getting a chance to get on accutane and came across Milk Thistle. I swear it has helped so much in clearing my acne. My hormones actually feel relaxed! I swear to God!! no lie! It has helped strengthen my liver and now it's almost like a bye bye for acne. I've seen it get this good before but I'm really hoping with my change of diet and following the FACTS from "Your LAST Acne Solution" it is over for good. I will be sure not to leave you guys behind and keep you updated. ;-)

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