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My derm prescribed it...Anyone try it?? It has sulfur or something in it...
I dont have the face wash i gota sample of the Clenia cream...havent tried it but maybe once cux I'm using Differin gel...but he said i could apply it at nite or mornings
anyone else???
i have clenia cream...applied it for 2 ite snow and it seems to ahve helped..have u tried your face wash?Some people are allergic to careful to not get it in your eyes.
I have used it once. (the wash) Its a bit drying and kills if it gets in your eyes! Hopefully it will help.
HOw bad is your acne?I have mild to moderate...i started Diferin gel 3 wks ago cux the dermo said it would help clean and clear the pore sout help with blackheads and help stay clear of breakouts with continued use..its been 3 wks..definetly better but not 100%..he siad give it 8-12wks..that seems like forever..ehehehhe i have a sample of clenia cream..yes it does have sulfur.which can be drying...did he give u any topical meds...?I'vebeen applying the clenia cream the last 2 nites..seems to work...what other topicals have u tried..?
I have a topical erythromycin 2% solution. Also, he prescribed Amoxocillin but I dont want to use it. I want to give the clenia wash and the erythromycin a shot for a few days, and see if thats enough. I have been on WAYYY too many oral meds that wear off. I have mild-moderate acne in the chin area and around my nose, the whitehead kind so they are annoying. Also, I am East Indian so everything leaves a dark mark which takes forever!!! The clenia smells though...
i was also prescribed the clenia face wash today by my derm. i havent picked it up yet though. she did have me using plexion which made me my face look extremely pale and sickly looking. i'm pretty sure it was from the sulfar in the plexion..i dont have much hope now that i know there is also sulfar in the clenia. she also has me on minocin which seems to be working..i'm kinda scared that everything will come back worse when the minocin prescription runs out though.
[QUOTE=Sahuja12]My derm prescribed it...Anyone try it?? It has sulfur or something in it...[/QUOTE]

Yes, I tried it for my face and it seemed to help. But it STINKS like rotton eggs. PHEW!!! Maybe just use it at night!! haha.
it smells cux sulfur stinks...stick it out..ya migh get use to the scent..
I used ita gain last night. Man, it smells! My husband noticed the bad smell from my face afterwards! Bleh! I followed it up with Cetaphil to help the smell as well as the dryness it causes. I think I will use it only at night.
hey sahujua i was wondering how the clenia is working for you so far? i've been using it for three days now but it seems to make my skin more oily.

So far, my face is breaking out even more!!! Much worse! I am gonna stop and just go on antibiotics...
i've been breaking out more from it too. i'm also on minocin. i think i might try that indian soap next that everyone was talking about.
People say that you should use something for a certain amount of time before stopping and saying it doesnt work. But if you just wait, you keep getting more acne, and thus more and more dark marks and scars! I am stopping this stuff!
Sorry it didnt work for u..what other topicals have u tried?

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