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frogprince and acid rain, your posts were very informative and i agree with alot of what you both have posted. We all know what foods are healthy, but u are correct that some of these "healthy foods" do aggravate acne. We need to figure out what foods effect our own skin because we are all different. some people have oily skin with acne, while others have dry with acne, some with little breakouts and some with cystic acne...all acne is not the same and while alot of us come on this website to find help and cures, we have to remember what helps one person might aggravate somone elses skin. i know from my own personal experience that fish and carrots do not break me out, but it might break someone else out. i agree with u acidrain when u say milk is horrible, u really dont need to drink it. But as for fruit and veggies i believe they are very important (im not advising everyone to eat them to achieve clear skin) but i know id take a carrot over a doughnut or a nasty cheeseburger anyday, even if the carrot gave me a pimple, for my own satisfaction i would feel so much better putting that into my body rather than a discusting doughnut or a cheeseburger. I know im rambling and what im saying might not make sense but all i know is do whats right for you and just because one person says they cleared their skin a certain way dont expect it to work for you. I should tell you that currently i dont have any pimples and i found out from my own experience what is right for me, and although i do appriciate what has worked for others and i do post what has helped me, in short, everyone is different.

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