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With so many threads and posts about the diet-acne correlation, I thought that by now most acne sufferers that come to this forum would understand the knowledge and apply it properly.

However, that is isn’t the case.

As an acne war veteran, I still keep reading and reading numerous posts and threads of people claiming to be eating “healthy”, and other threads and posts with people giving advice to others to eat “healthy” and to eat “lots of fruits and vegetables.” Eating lots of fruits and vegetables can be one of the best and TERRIBLY WORST things you could do to your face.

Tell me first, what is healthy? Please define what is healthy.
Tell me, Is the Atkins diet suppose to be healthy? It is heavily controversial, with the Atkins Diet leading to many long term health consequences.

Next, is Milk suppose to be “healthy?” Sure, got milk? = Got height?
But this is the same case for Got Milk? = Got Zits? Got Milk? = Got Mucus? Got Milk ? = Got Fat? Got Milk? = Got Prostate cancer?

Now, when you are defining “healthy,” most of you think of “healthy” in terms of general well-being of the body and fighting long term fatal diseases like cancer and heart attack. However, “healthy” for skin and “healthy” for the entire body is not the same thing. When most of you think of “healthy”, you simply eliminate the oils and fatty foods and whatever society condemns as “unhealthy.” That’s a good starting point. Instead, you are eating what you regard as “healthy”. Make no mistake about it, these foods may be indeed “healthy” in providing essential nutrients for the body, but at the same time, they may be triggering acne. Simply put, there are HEALTHY FOOD THAT CAUSE ACNE.

For example,

Eating carrots provides a certain type of vitamin A good for vision and is also a source of vitamin c, but carrots are high in sugar, that can cause acne.
Eating bananas provides potassium, but also causes acne.
Eating milk can make you grow taller and develop stronger bones, but can also cause acne.
Eating fish can be a source of protein and can lower cholesterol, but it is rich in iodine, which can possibly trigger acne.
Eating breads and pastas provide are carbohydrates that provide energy, but are converted into sugars that not only cause fat but acne as well.

Fortunately, many of you have begun to stop eating foods such as breads and pastas can contribute to acne. That’s a good start. Next, many of you have already been avoiding junk foods, greasy foods, and sweets. That’s another good thing. But again, many of you still fall into the misconception of what is “healthy” and what is not.

Another example, some people eliminate eating bagels, greasy fried eggs, and fatty sausages for breakfast. Instead, they start eating the so called healthy breakfast cereal and milk, which is no better. Corn is a possible cause of acne. Cereal is a type of a corn. What makes things worst: cereal + milk = acne tag team power combo. I suggest eating oatmeal instead.

Therefore, stop advising other people in this forum to eat “healthy”. It is such a vague term and often misleads them into eating the wrong foods. First, you have to define what healthy really is. Think in terms of what is “healthy” for your skin. Next, stop advising other people to “eat lots of fruits and vegetables.” This is a terrible, and I do mean TERRIBLE, generalization to make. Again, you might lead them into signing their death warrant for their face. (this is what happened to me before).

Another thing, this is not just the issue with food, but this includes vitamins as well. I used to take Centrum, with the assumption that it was healthy for my face and it broke me out terribly.

Trust me. Really. Seriously. I have read many many horrific tales of people taking the so called "healthy" appoach by eating "lots of fruits & vegetables" and their face getting worst. People are so misled. So for your sake and your skin's sake, please open your mind and really look at ALL the food you are eating. Stop assuming that what is traditionally regarded as "healthy" won't hurt your face.

Instead of unhealthy vs healthy, think in terms of inflammatory vs anti-inflammatory.

There are many threads and posts with diets with foods, and if you research well you will notice how many healthy foods some people lists as possible precipitator of acne. From there, it is up to you customize what foods would apply to you.

I hope this helps.

[QUOTE=Timber]Frogprince you've told us what NOT to eat. Now tell us what a good, healthy acne diet is? What SHOULD we eat?[/QUOTE]

I can't tell you what to eat and what not to eat. That's up to you to find out. I wrote this thread mainly so that people would broaden their perspective in the diet aspect of food-acne connection.

The problem with the diet perspective right now is that people are jumping to the wrong conclusions and making generalizations too fast about certain food groups. Some generalizations are ingrained in society that people do not even stop to consider that one man’s food can be another person’s poison.

What to eat? That’s for you to find out for yourself. If you search through this forum, a lot of people have actually posted lists what specific foods they avoid.

I research these lists in many forums and experimented with my face.

Ask yourself a question ==> Has avoiding all the sweets, oily, and fatty foods made a difference in my face? Has it really made a difference? For many many people in this board, especially for those with more severe cases, it hasn't. When people start seeing that avoiding these oily and fatty foods has done nothing to stop acne, then people start assuming that the diet- acne correlation is non existent and they start looking for other factors such as stress, dirt, etc… when in reality they haven’t even opened up to other possibilities within the diet realm.

Again, most people have actually started recognize the diet-acne correlation, but the thing is they only avoid carbs. Avoiding carbs is a good thing, but they have to be more careful

Here is a SAMPLE list of so called “healthy” foods that have been mentioned in people’s lists. (This is by no means an official list)

Bananas = > very popular item people avoid. Even in perricone’s book.
Carrots = > not very common in people’s list, but I believe it’s one of the secret Killers. I have heard many people who tried eating lots of carrots
Thinking that the vitamin c would stop acne, only to have it backfire.
I’m one of those people, and my face was destroyed by carrots
Corn = > very destructive. Comes in many forms: cereal, corn oil, corn flour. Popular item as well.
Grapes = > heard a few people mention that grapes were bad. For me, I’m fine.
Peas = > in perricone’s book as well. I hate peas.
Potatoes = > break many people out. Along with that, Absorbs oil easily. Makes you fat.
Pumpkin = > don’t know much about this.
Tomato = > some people break out from this due to iodine. Personally, I don’t think it’s a cause of acne.

Nuts = > controversial item. Some people say its actually good for your skin,
And some people say it has broken the mout.

anything Diary = > as mentioned, Got zits?
Fish – iodine. The iodine –acne connection is about the only thing dermatologists

In trying to find out what food causes acne, it is very difficult and confusing? Why? Because you will always be eating different varieties and types of foods.


= > when you break out, you may think that it was oily and fatty food you just ate, but when in reality, it was the sweet and sour sauce.
= >when you break out, you may think that eating a banana broke you out, when in reality, it was the carrot that you ate at that same meal.
= >when you break out, you may start blaming the candy, when in reality, it was the corn that you put in your salad.

It’s so easy to blame the wrong cause because there is no indicator to tell us what in our body is the one triggering out acne.

Add in more factors, and it gets even more confusing:

= > a person may blame her breakout on stress, when in reality, it was the fact her pillowcase is really dirty and hasn’t been changed
= > a person may blame carbs, when in reality, when in reality, he was merely having the “initial breakout” of taking B5.
= > a person may blame acne on the ice cream he just ate, but when in reality, it was the fish he ate in the meal.
= > a person may blame acne on having her period, when in reality, it is the fact his skin is very sensitive some of the topical products she applies on her face.
= > a person may blame a topical product
when in reality,

get the idea? There are so many factors working out at once and it so easy to blame the wrong one.

Another thing that makes it even more confusing is that the length of formation of acne. Some acne can pop up right away after the cause has happened while other acne can take weeks. It varies. Personally, if I eat or do something that causes acne, my acne would usually pop up within the next day or two. That’s easy to identify. For others, it may be more difficult to identity the factors because their acne was formed as a result of something they ate or something they did a few weeks ago, and it just took longer to come out. That's why it's good to keep a "face" diary.

Anywayz, I hope this helps.

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