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I'm on my third day of accutane. No side affects at all except for chapped lips. No new breakouts though. I have a good bit of acne on my back, chest, and shoulders. Zero acne on my face thank God. I'm hoping accutane can clear me up after 2 years of antibiotics. I am 19 years old.
Matt, I'm glad to share this post with you. It sounds like you are getting the initial break out, but at least it's early in and with any luck maybe it's your last bad one for a long time! I'm on day 3 with no side effects yet. My eyes do feel a bit dry but it may just be in my head right now. Here we go, 5 months of torture but it will be totally worth it!

PS-Tower you and I are on the exact same day so your updates will be great also. Good luck man!
am noty entirely sure. he said everything was in good order before i left ( iahve low cholestorol levels and stuff) and as he is in my home town, and i am currently in my uni town 3 hours away it's a bit messed up. i am seeing him in 7 - 8 weeks though and imagine i will have blood work done then and a possible raise in dosage.

really am quite a mess at the moment though.
Hey. I was wondering what type of products you guys are using to wash your face with. I went straight to the Cetaphil from day 1 based on what I read from other peoples posts. It is actually really nice stuff, but its weird because at the time you are washing your face it doesn't really foam up or anything and it doesn't feel like it's doing much. When your done though it really leaves my skin feeling clean and soft. I guess I'm just just so used to the harsh crap I've been washing with all these years. It's actually a nice change. One other question, is anyone using any topicals for spot treatment? I'm a bit nervouse to put anything on and have heard its not a good idea. Any thoughts?
PS - Day 4 feeling good no side effects yet but I've been using lip chap and lotion in hopes of staying ahead of the game.

I use Cetaphil is pretty good stuff.

As far as your question about spot treatment, I haven't really been putting too much on. One day I did put BP on and nothing bad happened.

Hopeless, thanks for sharing your experiences...I am sure things will start getting better for you soon! I am on day 10 today, so I am 5 weeks behind you, lol. I am glad to hear some of your side effects are decreasing.

Day 13 here - I am still dealing with my initial breakout quite badly! Ugh.

What about everyone else?

My other side effects have not really gotten any worse, so I guess that is good.

Sup guys, I am on day 8 of accutane and i am not seeing much improvement, but its not getting any worse, but them again i am only on day 8. I went hunting for several days and sitting in a deer stand in freezing cold weather with 20 mph wind doesnt help my face any. my lips are chapped like crazy and my face is peeling pretty good. My eyes were dry at first but ive been putting drops called artificial tears in them and they are great now. hopeully this is as bad as the side affects, and acne, will ever get for me. ya'll continute to keep me posted on ya'lls side affects and progression. later
Hey LLk2507! Glad to have yet anoter person that is right at the same stage. I am also on 40mgs and hope that next month I will go up to 60mg as well. I weigh about 140lbs to I think that 40mgs was good to start but I can definately go up. My side effects also have been pretty minimal so far with a bit of peeling but not major at all, and by mid morning you can't even see it. Tonight I'll be dropping pill # 8 so it's still early. No major improvement yet but certainly not worse. I'm glad you're back, and please feel free to stay on and share this thread, the more support the better!
Tower, thanks for the update, you and I sound about the same right now. Are you taking 40mgs?

Hey all,

Day 15 here. Good News! It seems that the initial breakout is dying down. I am still breaking out, but no where near what it was the last past week.

My lips are chapped, but not really bad actually. My skin seems to get dry, especially in the morning and at night...but I just apply moisturizer when I get up and when I go to bed, and that seems to help.

It really helps to come on here and read these post!

Right on Matt! It's good to hear that you are now moving in the right direction. I'm still early in and seeing a couple new spots daily but they seem to turn into a whitehead really quick and heal fairly fast. I can't wait till I can wake up to nothing in the mirror! Glad to hear its getting better. By the way I can't remember are you taking 40mg's right now?
Hey guys. Today is day 12 and I'm feeling pretty good. I have noticed the dryness coming a bit more over the past to days on my face, but not all that bad. Usually in the morning after I shower its a bit dry/flaky but within an hour or so its gone. To this point I haven't had to use any moisturiser so it can't be that bad at all. I don't know if its from the accutane, but my one eyelide was a bit swollen over the weekend and sore but it's going away. My face seems to be slowly clearing and feeling pretty good. One question I had is what are you guys doing about diet? I've always worried about what I eat and my skin, so I'm still paranoid a bit, but on the same note it almost feels good knowing the accutane will take care of things! Anyways I am trying to make sure I still eat good so that my blood work will be good at the end of my first month, just thought I'd ask what you guys are finding or think about the whole diet thing.
Hope all is well everyone!

I haven't posted in a few days just because nothing has really changed...but I figured I would just to bump this post up.

Day 26 here -- like I said everything is pretty much the same. I had tons of blackheads on my nose that suddenly appeared, and they seem to be going away now, so that is a good thing.

I have my next derm. appt on Friday so I think he will bump me up to another dosage, which I am kind of nervous about...I hope I don't get another initial break out.

Hey guys. Today is day 19 for me and I have been doing ok. Starting to clear up and nothing cystic since I started. Some days my skin is drier than other but not to bad. I've only had to use lotion in the morning, and I'm good for the day. My skin is feeling smoother every day, but I still have a couple red spots that are slowly going away. It's sure hard to not pick but I'm trying my best. I was outside all day on Friday in the cold which really dried me out, and I was so paranoid about getting to much sun.
Matt are you going up to 80mgs or 60? In a couple weeks I beleive I'll be moved up to 60mgs, and like you I'm a bit worried about another breakout and being even drier. Overall I think things are on the right track and feel good about where things are at. The first month is actually going quite fast!
Keep posting guys, talk to you through the week!

Ian :cool:
Hey Matt. Good luck today at the Derm! I hope all goes well. I'm interested to see what they bump you up to. I just went and had my bloodwork done this morning and go in to see the doc on Tuesday. I think I'm going up to 60mgs, or at least that is what he originally told me. I guess I'll find out.

Talk to you later,

Ian. :cool:
Ian -- Good luck at the derm.

I have been really dry since I have been moved up to 80mg. Also, my hair is kind started around day 25 or isn't really bad..but when I wash it and stuff, more comes out than usually...and it really bothers me. If it continues I am going to go off of it. I promised myself when I started, if anything happened to me that I didn't like...that I would stop.

Let us know what he ups you to.

Update... it's day 15 on 80mg per day and the effects of my last breakout are starting to fade fast, hopefully there will be no more. The intolerable insensitivity to light has subsided for now, or maybe I've just gotten used to it. Not sure. Anyway, I've continued to use petroleum jelly on my face before bed, but now I'm putting on a layer of alpha hydroxy cream underneath it to fade some of the red marks. Seems to be working okay for now.

Good luck everyone!
Hey guys. The derm appt went well. My bloodwork came back perfect,which was definately something that was stressing me out. My skin has been actually quite good this last week so my derm didn't think I needed to up my dose much, so what I'm going to do is take 40mg's for 2 days in a row and then on the third day take 80mgs. So in effect I guess its around 50-55mgs I'll be at. The derm did comment on my redness, as I was a bit flushed when I was in, but my pharmacist said that about 55% of people on accutane can get this. It's only been the last couple days and has been later in the day that I get flushed. It's almost like when you exercise or something, but not quite that red. It's not that bad and really is the only bothersome side effect I've had. Any of you guys had this yet?

Hey guys. Just wanted to post an update. The first month went by very fast and I started to clear from the start. Today I am having the best day yet as far as my skin is concerned. I have been taking 50mgs for the past few days up from where I started at 40mgs. (I'm taking 40mgs for 2 days and then 80mgs on the third.) I have been a bit red which happens when my face gets a bit flushed, but its not always and it isn't too bad. I'm a bit paranoid about it but at least its not zits! The Cetaphil is awesome stuff and I've been using it since the start. I hope it's something I can use after I'm done because it's so nice to use. I have been taking my regular vitamins during this time with exception to Vitamin A which of course you can't take while on accutane. I take Vit C, E, D/Magneseum, Alpha Lipoic Acid, B5, B Complex, and Zinc. Does anyone else take vitamins right now? I'm interested in what you guys have heard or are doing. Glad to see a few more folks joining this string. ITB24 welcome aboard to the entertaining journey of accutane. Good luck, and keep posting.
Day 43 here -- nothing really new to report...I don't really get any new breakouts that much anymore -- so that is good.

I am on 80mg a day...not really sure about the entire weight thing. I weight about 160lbs, and started off on 40mg the first month and was bumped up on my second month visit.

I didn't really get a new initial breakout with the bump up, but have noticed the side effects have gotten I have to stay on top of the dry skin and such much more now.

Ian, that is amazing that you have been clear for a month!

I am on day 67 I think it is now (does anyone find it harder to keep track of the days now that we are getting higher in am not clear yet, but things are really starting to die fact, I really only have one active spot right now at it is almost gone. I would classify my acne as almost severe before going on it I think it is going to take probably a full three months before I am completely clear. No new side effects...the skin and lips really haven't even been a problem...As long as I stay on top of everything, I am good to go. If I forget to moisturize, then that is when I get really dry.


Just stop putting it off and do it. The sooner you start, the sooner it will be over..that is how I looked at it. I have already replied to several of your post, so I am not sure what else I could say that I haven't already said.

Good Luck -- This thread has a wealth of information in it. Go back to the beginning and read what we went through, and then decide if you want to do it or the end the choice has to be yours, not ours.

To girlie gal- yes, most likely you will break out- a couple times. however, i know how you feel. it took me an entire year to actually start taking the medicine because i didn't want it to get worse. the thing is that there are always engagements to go to. my only regret now is that i didn't start it a year ago because my face would be clear right now. i'm saying this even in the midst of a breakout. i just feel better knowing that i'm doing something about it that will work! take the meds, cover with makeup, keep looking to the end result. i use estee lauder equalizer foundation and it covers my breakouts so that you really don't even see the acne. oh and also use bobbi brown concealer. you'll have good days and some really bad days where you won't want to leave the house but i promise it's worth it. good luck. just do it and get it over with.
It just depends. there's really no way to tell. However, the good thing about cysts is that they're actually really easy to cover with makeup if you are a girl. plus, most people i've talked to only get them on their jaw line which is the only place i've ever gotten them. i was like you in that i never had cysts. even when i was supposed to get on accutane a year ago i had never had them before, however, a year later i started getting them. so it's better to get them while you're on the treatment than waiting and getting them down the road anyways. i totally understand your hesitation. i cried cuz i didn't know to take it or not. then one day i was in class and saw all these girls with great skin and thought that mine would NEVER look like that unless i tried this drug. i'm happy i did even though i have more zits on my face right now than usual
You can tell that we must all be betting better, because we don't post here as often anymore.

I am on day 77 and I am just about 100% clear...well, as far as active acne goes....I still have scarring left behind from before I was even on Accutane...but I am so happy to FINALLY not have to worry about the active is so nice!

Good luck to everyone else -- I will keep updating from time to time.

itb24. I have not been giving blood since the 2nd month and I agree, I think that as long as your initial blood tests were good then you should be OK.

I understand how you feel about the lower dose thing. In my opinion, if it causes you stress to drop the dose, stay with what you are on. If the side effects are tolerable (A pain in the butt we all know) the time will go fast. If I were you, I would stay with the old derm even though he's not as nice, at least his opinion is the same as yours. Just think it won't be long and you won't need to see the guy anymore! I also found a huge attitude difference regarding accutane from one derm to the next. Some just cover their butts and are afraid to even prescribe it. We know it works just listen to your body, and you'll be fine.

hi eternalbliss. i'm on day 62 so we're pretty close in tx. i'm still breaking out pretty regularly. i have one big zit on my cheek and about five cysts/zits on my jawline. my acne was pretty mild before all this, although it did start getting significantly worse about one month before accutane. this drug is weird cuz some people get way better from the start, others clear after a month, others break out the entire 5 months. it's different for everyone. i wish i was one of the lucky ones who got better quick. from what i gather, every person sees a significant improvement at least at the end of the third month. after getting way worse, i'd say mine is just now getting to where it was when i started tx. good luck. keep us posted

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