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So my face has been full of cystic acne and some smaller active pimples scattered all around my face. Its been like this for a few months now.
I'm pretty sure i know how my face got so bad...bad diet, not enough sleep (usually sleep at 3am or later) and stress from school.
Anyway, my doctor prescribed me some antibiotics and Steivamycin gel and so far it has worked some what, but its still pretty bad.
I've got this important dinner thing to goto in a few weeks and i know i can't get rid of all of my acne, but i need some help to maybe speed up the process.
I've heard some people who use Oxy-5 and PanOxyl 5.
Plus Steivamycin always makes my skin very dry in the morning. What are some good moisturizers to use?

Another problem i think is that i don't actually have a solid regimen to follow.
So, can anyone help me out with a regimen using Steivamycin and maybe the Oxy-5?

I was told that with Steivamycin i shouldn't use other acne treatments, can someone help me confirm this??

I'm just very :confused: .........

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