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I just want to say that I can totally relate to what you are going through. My new doctor just put my on Marvelon, she said it's #3 in treating Acne (im guessin Diane is #1, but has a higher incidence of strokes, YIKES) I've learned you can never go by other people's experiences with the pill. I'm still trying to find one that is right for me. I've tried Ortho Tri-cylcin, Allesse and Yasmin. Ortho Tri-cylcin cleared up my skin but made me bloated all the time. So i felt good skin wise... body wise.. BLECH! My skin drives me crazy... mine isn't even that bad, according to everyone around me.. but to me IT IS. Im not sure if this is an american or canadian website so i don't know what your healthcare is like, but I would totally suggest going to a Dermatologist, it's free for Canadians, and if you find a good one... they don't judge... and they find a solution, there are many solutions out there.. topical solutions like Differin Cream, Benzoclyn, or oral antibiotics like Minocyclin (amazing!!) I HOPE MARVELON works for both of us!!! I am so sick of worrying about my skin... i hope you know you are not alone!! GOOD LUCK!! *HUGZ*

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