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Hi everyone,

I'm a 30 year old male who has had acne (in mild to moderate form - mild now) over the past 10+ years. I have been on a myraid of products both OTC and prescription. I went on accutane to clear up a bad case of body acne in 2001, 40mg a day (average). Cleared me up very well on body (+anything on face), still occassionally get breakouts (whiteheads/small red pustules) on chest/back though. I've been using head and shoulders (per a suggestion I saw on this board) and it's working better, I feel, than the salicylic acid treatments (Neutrogena Body Wash). Fingers crossed on that...

My problem however is my facial skin, really my forehead/temples. After accutane, I got oily again (although not as much) and began to get breakouts on my face that I wanted to clear up (they were more noticeable and annoying to me than anyone else). Facial cleansers seemed to make things worse, and so I tried low dose b5 to control oil (1mg a day). While b5 seemed to do a good job, I did not like the way I felt on it and so I discontinued use. My forehead and temples have exploded in small red pimples/whiteheads, everywhere it seems. Not to mention it is scaly and flaky. I know I brought a little bit on this myself by perhaps trying too many things in an effort to maintain the nice glow I had w/accutane, but the fact is it didn't end the breakouts totally. My derm prescribed differn after accutane as a way to keep the whiteheads away, but my skin is very sensitive and just a few applications made me so dry and tight, and my skin I felt was not at the point where a retinol was needed.

I'm thinking now of doing nothing, just washing with cool water for a few weeks to get my skin back to some normal ph balance. Or maybe someone has experience with this type of problem/skin redness/flakiness and breakouts on temples and forehead, and could suggest a cleanser or treatment that cleared them up (I'm a bit impatient!)? I refuse to use Cetaphil as it aggravated the situation and any really harsh cleanser (salicylic acid) as it only makes me flaky and dry with more spots. Any advice out there?

Sorry for the length and thanks in advance.


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