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Is that good for your skin?
It may be for yours, but it burned the hell out of mines!
Never heard of it. Have you done research on it? If you do or did let us know. How do you use it on your face?
I heard that Queen Latiffa uses it to exfoliate every day :)

I've begun using baking soda to exfoliate, and it seems to be working very well. It actually makes my skin feel more clean than when I just use a facial cleanser, and my acne is slowly clearing.
I would be careful using baking soda. I think it's gentle enough, but it I know it also boosts the Ph balance of your regular cleanser. I add it to my laundry to boost the power of my detergent.
So how much baking soda are we talking here to use as a scrub? Teaspoon, Tablespoon???
You must mix the baking soda with water and then use it, don't put dry baking soda on your face and scrub- if you did that you would certainly damage your skin- make a watery paste and then use it, though you should not scrub hard, just use a light gentle circular motion and rinse with lots of water. There is plenty of information on using baking soda as a scrub in books and on line- this is not anything new it's been used as a exfoliant for years. Read the book "Don't go to the cosmetics counter with out me" it is one of the best books on the market to help you become an informed consumer. I must say that there is not enough research done by people who discredit anyhting they don't agree with on this message board. Be informed, it's your best defense against any product you are not sure about or bad advice.

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