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Cetaphil is the only thing that has helped me...this time.I went to the derm and have been on accutane twice already.The ointments,the creams,the cleanser...the whole bit.Cleared me up great for a few years.then when I got pregnant with my 2nd baby i broke out like I was 13 again! He is now 5 months old and my acne hasn't left yet.Fuming :mad: !!!With my first I broke out...but within a week of having her my face cleared because I used proactive..but its expensive had to stop using it.Someone told me about cetaphil and it has really made a difference.Its not gone,but it certainly took control of the situation.Now I have a few more blemishes to take care of. The key to using cetaphil is to use benzol peroxide.(sp?) and make sure you use 2.5%.You need to apply it every night! You skip a night and its not going to work. What I was told to do was cleanse face with Cetaphil for only 5 seconds!!Very lightly.DO NOT RUB!Rinse face with luke warm water. BLOT. DO NOT RUB! Then to wait about 10 minutes before you put on the 2.5% BP ointment.Any brand will do. I use the pharmacy the ingredients on the back, they all have the same.Trust me it really works.I wouldn't trust the bar soap though...use the liquid cleanser (thats what I use) Derms say that bar soap is not good for any face type.I know everyone is different. So I hope you give it a try.And if not with cetaphil try the steps I mentioned with another brand.Its how you wash your face that is important as well.

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