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I think Differin is a lot better so far.

First I was perscribed Retin-A Micro .04% (lower "power) for about 4-6 weeks so my skin could get used to it. It made me pretty red and I peeled so much, but my dermatologist said that it would get better. He moved me up to the .1% a week later and I couldn't take it. I used so much moisturizer and I still peeled like crazy. I stuck with it for three months and I just had to stop; it felt like a second degree burn or something. I'm pretty self-concious about my skin peeling, too, so it was twice as bad. It really didn't do much for my acne, either.

So then he said that Differin might be better for my skin type. So far it makes my face slightly red--but not nearly as bad as Retin-A, and I don't EVER peel. My face feels tight, but once I put on a little Cetaphill moisturizer I'm fine for the whole day. I love it so far. I'm using the Differin Gel .1%, if you want to know. I'm still in my "initial breakout" period, the time when the medicine pulls the acne up and clears it, so I can't really comment on what it's doing for my acne. It has also really faded my red marks. My girlfriend tells me I look so much better than I used to.

Even though Differin has worked much better for me, it might not be strong enough for some people. I've heard great stories about Retin-A and how it's great for people with tough skin. But if you have sensitive skin, I wouldn't even touch Retin-A.

Hope that helped.
Thanks for the reply! Well, I think my skin is somewhere between sensitive and stubborn. I can tolerate 10% benzoyl peroxide without really drying out.. and I dont use harsh products. I definately need some skin rejuvenation because mine is looking pretty icky lately.
How was the intial breakout on the Retin A Micro for you? That is what I am most afraid of. Peeling and redness sucks, but I can tolerate that over being full of cysts and little red dots everywhere. My face used to be completely clear, then I got chin acne, now I have chin acne and small red dots on each lower cheek. So, I want to try to fix it before it continues to get worse. Hopefully thisll help me. thanks again, and im glad you found something thats working for you. Congrats!
I personally didn't like Retin-A Micro. It didn't clear me up greatly, and it made me sooo oily. But dry at the same time(if that makes sense - like i would have oily skin on top of dry peeling), and it made my skin really sensitive.
Kymberlee- Thats great to hear! How clear would you say you are from the Retin A Micro? It seems as though (from what ive heard and read) it either does the job almost 100%... or the person hates it and doesnt use it the full 12 weeks because of initial breakout/redness/peeling/etc)
I hope that it works for me, although this is the very first treatment ive ever had for my skin. Ive only got acne for 5 it is pretty new fairgrounds for me. If this doesnt work, Im going to go to a Derm. (I was prescribed this from my regular Dr who has prescribed it for alot of patients, and had great results.) I was thinking about Accutane, and my Dr pretty much laughed at me. She said I am "nowhere near accutane material" and said that I would have trouble concieving normal children if i took it. So, that was a little strange- but she gave me the Retin A Micro .04%. Im definately scared of the initial outbreak, but if the results give me back my clear skin, it will be fine. Did you use it every day or every other day? What did you use on "off nights" if you used it every other day? Also, Did you get an antibiotic with it? thanks!!!!!

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