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You've all probably read this 1000s times before...

I have red bumbs all over my cheeks, bring male I dont thing shaving helps, I am so envious of clean shaven men, I really dont know how they manage it.

I wet shave, with an electric shaver, and have used every lotion going, even when I am shaved, the area under my nose is still dark, like I have an invisable moustache!

whenever I shave ( in the shower at night) before I sleep I cover my face with savlon to at least reduce the red bumps and spots, it doesn't help alot but marks a small improvement (I've tried tend skin, dermoclothes, aquagel) you name it, mincylcline!) any ingrown hairs I get (not a great deal) I remove straight away, but my acne i'm sure is due to my coarse black beard hair.
because of these marks, I go to the mirror about ten times a day, even more, spending my time squeeze most parts of my face with my fingers which I dont think helps, but I can usually get pus (small amounts) from every pore on my face.
something just has to catch an area of my skin, and I can feel a pain sensation which I pick at and squeeze.
I think this is the reason my eyelids are so puffy too, despite skin whiting, and cucumber gel cream, my upper eyelids are so droopy.
this really effects my confidence. not leaving the house when I can, when my skin is at the worst. I can only look in the mirror from about 6 inches away so the light hits my face straght on, never in poorly lit rooms.

my face is just a disaster area, and everything that can be done, has been done, apart from getting a form of perminant hair removal I dont know what to do.

any of you suffer the same as me? have you experianced it?
I really am at the end of my tether, and ive past the stage of looking myself in the mirror and crying, to just self loathing, suicide thoughts, and self harm.

any ideas what I can do?

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