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My Story...Plz Help
Jan 18, 2005
hi guys im new to this board and i think its great how you all help each other out with things. well i would like to tell you my little story.

i am 21 years old, and have had acne for 7 years now. my skin is oily and is very sensitive. most products i use make my face red and thats just embarissing as acne itself. im at so lost, i dont know what to do. i mean isnt acne supposed to get better as we get older? well mine only seems to be getting worse. i started using proactive, murad, dermafina, and many other over the counter products. non of them seemed to work, then i went to my dermatologist. he put me on retin-a and all that seemed to do is make my face really red. then he put me on differin gel, and that made my face just as red. so about 2 months ago he put me on differin cream and ive been using that since, but ive been breaking out it seems every other day. i was also on a steriod nosespray for the last month for allergys, and then i read somewhere that steriods can make u break out, so i stopped. i dont know if i should stay on the differin cream, go on accutane, which the derm said my skin wasnt bad enough for, or if i should just get a new derm and see what they say. i am waisting so much $$ on these products, cause i dont have any health insurance so i have to pay for them all... i just want something that works!

my schedule i usually do is wake up, take a shower and wash my face with purpose clensing bar, then put on benzaclin cream with my derm gave me, then at night i take another shower, use my soap, and then put on the differin cream. i also take vitamin b5 pills, and drink over a gallon of water a day. i pop my white heads alot, but it seems to be the only way to get rid of them. sometimes i swear my acne gets better, for a few days, and then it hits me all at once, and stays around for weeks. i dont know what to do here.i mean sometimes my skin looks ok meaning i only have 4 or 5 pimples and other times its covering my face. my girlfriend has clear skin, and at times the way i feel over my skin effects me and hers relationship. i need to get rid of this acne if im going to get married soon and start my own family. please some1 tell me your thoughts on all this or what you would do. i need all the help i can get.

thanks guys and good luck to you all,


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