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Jan 18, 2005
my aesthetician is just AWESOME!!! I had gone in for my second Silk Peel and we were talking abt various skin care mistakes for acne-prone skin... she told me that all u need for those red marks to go away is follow these simple rules.


1) cleanse with a mild cleanser for sensitive skin.

she says the concept of oily skin and using oily skin products for acne is wrong! oily skin products are best tolerated by ppl who have oily skin but free from breakouts. anyone who is doing ANY treatment for acne will have sensitive skin. so hypoallergenic and sensitive skin products are the best bet for them! this is because oily skin products strips of all the oils on the skin counter-reacts by producing more oil and hence more acne. those with breakout free oily lucky few..r the only ones to tolerate this..P.Acne bacterium..why do u hate some ppl and leave the others alone??? WHY???

2) exfoliate

avoid all matter how mild they claim to be. but how do we exfoliate, do u ask??? oh thats easy...and DIRT CHEAP too!!! 2 WORDS- BAKING SODA!

she says that she has not come across any acne-prone patients who has benefitted from scrubs. it may work for a while in some...lead to initial happiness..yeah, and then lead to final gloom when breakouts appear from everywhere...even the areas where it was break-out free in the beginning! SO NO SCRUBS PPL .use baking soda instead... just make a paste out of baking soda and water...and massage very gently. wash immediately. u have to do this after cleansing. u may be able to extract some ripe or loose blackheads afterward. hey and never try to squeeze a blackhead if its not ready to come out...u will regret it!

3) tone to balance pH

now that baking soda is basic in nature..something acidic is needed to balance the ph. ANSWER? APPLE CIDER VINEGAR!

use a 1:8 (vinegar:water) solution first and then gradually increase to 1:1 ..never apply it neat. BALANCED pH = BEAUTIFUL SKIN! wash off after 10 mins. dont leave it on.

4) apply ur acne cream..i use the Proactiv BP lotion. i use the amt for beginners...( edit: i switched to Neutrogena on-the-spot now). U can use ANY acne cream which suits ur skin. Dont skip this step.

4) Moisturise with SPF containing moisturiser. I use Cetaphil and it does not break me out. Look for the words sensitive skin, hypoallergenic & non-comedogenic WITH SUN PROTECTION FACTOR when u buy any moisturiser.

5) And for those who apply make-up, use non-acnegenic products containing titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. they r good for the skin too!


6) cleanse ur face ..( use baking soda and acv only once a day..morning or evening as ur preference)

7) apply a mild protein mask....till date..ive never found a mask that gives as good results as this mask..this is my aesthetician's favourite mask (btw..she has absolutely gorgeous baby-smooth skin and she told me that she had acne in her teens! hard to believe..!)

1 tablespoon of egg-white whipped up + a squeeze of lemon (dont put too much). smooth it over ur face..avoid eye area... wash off in 10 minutes....and look at a NEW REJUVENATED YOU!!

i tried this mask every day for 5 days....its skin looks so refreshed! And bonus point is that done everyday...this will make the red-spots VANISH!!!

8) Apply ur acne cream before bed.


I am not kidding...there is a HUGE difference in my red-spots after just 5 days of this routine. I am going to stick to this routine. U guys ABSOLUTELY MUST TRY THIS.....

i will be glad to answer any questions regarding this....


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