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By smoking to you mean cigarettes or pot? Cigarettes dont cause acne, they are not the cause of your acne, pot could be causing/making it worse though, a lot of people claim that smoking pot breaks them out. personally for me it doesnt make any difference.

Sitting about at home worrying about your face is more likely to be making it worse or making your perception of your face worse (which is basically the same thing). I know how you feel, ive been through it all, the sitting at hime hiding, the trying to have a good attitude about my face and going out and pretending i looked normal... I think everyone on here knows how you feel. My advice is slap some makeup on and go visit this guy, sounds like you miss him A LOT and maybe he's missing you just as much. If that's the case he'll be happy to see you and wont notice your face, guys tend to notice a lot less than we think, it's girls ya gotta worry about there, heh. Trust me, he wont notice a thing if you do a good job with the makeup. Anyway, good luck whatever ou do and a happy Easter to you too!

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