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I use Panoxyl Benzoyl Peroxide cleanser 5% and then I lightly moisturize with Jojoba oil. I use benzoyl peroxide 5% because the 10% is to harsh on my young skin. To get Panoxyl 5% you have to order it at a pharmacy, because of its limited quantity or something. Jojoba oil is non-comedogenic, meaning it is scientifically proven not to clog pores. It is small enough to go into the pores and unclog them. When you first use it you may notice a few pimples come up because it draws all of the gunk out and brings it to the surface. If you get a pimple it makes it pop up and go away quicker and usually the pimples are smaller and not as red. Jojoba oil has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory properties, as well as other properties that may help acne. It also never leaves your face greasy or oily. It really balances out your oil, even in the t-zone. You MUST only put two or three drops of it in your palm, rub together and use it on the whole face. Anymore may clog your pores and make your face look oily. After ten or twelve seconds in should have fully absorbed into your skin. If there is anymore of the oil visible on your face after that pat it off, because it means a little too much was used and it wonít go into the pores and may block them.

Now as far as the urine being used on your face, I think it is weird and disgusting, but if that's what you want to do, hey itís OK with me. That's not a harsh comment trying to poke fun, simply my opinion on it. I think if someone is willing to put their own urine on their face then their acne or whatever else has made them to desperate. Then again everyone has there own way of doing things.
Healthy J do you know a specific store that I can get jojoba oil or is it only availabe online?
I use the Vitamin Shoppe brand. You can get it from vitamin shoppe and maybe some other drugstores like duane reade and rite aid. Visit the desert essence website. They sell a popular Jojoba oil and the website may tell you where to find it. You can also find it in walgreens, I think.

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