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OK I've been using this oil since mid november and I didn't wanna conclude anything untill I was sure that it works. Well the acne scars I had are almost smoothed out I'd say about 70% difference, my skin is no longer oily like it used to be, and I only breakout during that time ofmonth as opposed to everyday like I used to. So I don't know if it's the oil or the fact that I take alpha lipoic acid vitamins or what but something is deffinitely working and I cannot believe it. I'm constantly cleaning my mirror cause I thought well maybe that's why my skin looks so smooth but it really is that way LoL I've read several reports on Alpha lipoic acid that it helps with scarring by getting rid of damaged collagen, so maybe the oil and the vitamin combined is what is making me get results so fast. I don't know al I know is that my skin is smooth and clear and I'm happy. for those of you who havent tried this please do it might save your skin and for those of you who use it please let me know how its working for you thanks
Which is better for dry skin, tamanu oil or jojoba oil? I have dry skin from Differin, and right now the moisturizer I use at day makes my face look greasy. I was wondering if either of these oils are good moisturizers without making my face look shiney/greasy. Also, which one is better for scars?
What is a good brand to use for both jojoba oil and tamanu oil? I am interested in getting rid of some hyperpigmentation from past acne scars and the "Scar Zone" cream I bought at Drug Mart hasn't been working! :rolleyes:

Do you have to order them online, or would a vitamin store like GNC have them? Thanks! :)
what kinds of scars did it help get rid of, hypertrophoic ? thanks :wave: this sounds like great stuff, i wish i had the money to get it!
I had scars on my face that are visible under sharp direct sunlight or whatnot so it helped out with those also when I get any new pimples (i.e extreme stress or the monthly curse) it heals the pimples and prevents new scars-now I'm not 100% sure if its the oil or the alpha lipoic acid vitamin I'm taking but whatever it works. Just don't expect miracle results overnight, there is no way the skin can fill itself in that fast it takes time. Oh and by the way I also take borage seed oil and will be taking msm vitamin soon I think, I've read good things about msm it's basically organic sulfur and according to an article in a magazine its been shown to nourish skin cells repair damaged skin tissue *scars?* also effective for skin aging and it supplies the raw materials necessary for healthy collagen production.I found one bynutraceutical sciences institute. NSA also has a multivitamin called healthy skin that perricone has reccomended so I dont know many options to choose from.
Anibanani - did it also help fade red marks? Or did you already have an even-toned complexion and it smoothed out scars? I'm more concerned right now about red marks (though I do have shallow scarring on my cheeks) so I'm wondering if ordering tamanu would be a good investment or not. I'm taking Accutane right now. What do you think, how was it with marks?

You ordered it from the snowdrift farm website?

Thanks in advance
ani this stuff heal all your scars ? can u be more specific ? thanks :wave:
that msm **** sonds really good ! i guess u did explain about the scars. i will just have to read it again. thnaks :wave: i am stil waiting for my tamanu oil. do u know if this is rosacea freindly?
[QUOTE=acnescargirl]just got mine! afraid to put it on cuz i am afraid to put anything on my face. im goin to give a atry soon. ill let evreyone know :wave:[/QUOTE]
don't be afraid to put it on, I swear to God this stuff will do amazing things for your skin. when I first used it I had no initial breakouts and it calmed the redness on my skin almost instanteniously. besides the oil you might want to take alphalipoc acid too, to prevent more scars and help smooth the old ones even faster. it's a very good vitamin I had a huge cyst about 2 weeks ago from the monthly curse and it went away without a trace. Good luck and let us all know how it works
Someone please tell me if this stuff would work on my dry skin? I have a lot of tiny scars and would like to get rid of them. Thanks a lot
I did not have any luck with this either. I stopped using it after 3 days, I kept getting new zits all over. Maybe the oil works better for scars and red marks but not on active acne.
Now I use the oil in my hair after washing it, it makes it silky and shiny without the oily look, just a tip for what to do with the oil if you have it but don't want to use it on your face :).


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