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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]I have mild/moderate acne as well. I would try all other options before using accutane. Accutane permanently changes your skin cells and the amount of oil they produce... [B]for life[/B]. By "correcting" the oil now.. you may be setting yourself up for wrinkles and overly dry skin in the future. Some products that help keep my acne under control are oil of Olay Regenerist (daily use before make-up and after I wash my face at night). If I do get a cyst, I put Clean & Clear persa-gel 10 on and around the cyst day & night (after my lotion). Also the new kit by L'oreal Re-Finish Microdermabrasion Kit is FABULOUS. It's expensive but I LOVE IT. I had icky SCARS that were very red and this has helped my skin tone and texture SO MUCH. Before resorting to accutane I would recommend even getting professional micro-dermabrasion done. It helps with moderate acne, as well as resolves scarring. You'd have to pay.. but for beautiful skin and not disrupting your body internally.. it's worth it. I too have considered accutane, and the birth defects alone are reason enough for my common sense to realize.. it's not optimum for a human body. My best friend however, is using accutane and everyone I have know has LOVED the results. My ex-boyfriend used it.. and he got frequent nose bleeds when we would have sex, or he'd play baseball. He still promotes the drug though, and is grateful. He is trying to get his younger brother to use it. Both my friend and ex had BAD acne though, on their backs ect. Research Accutane, don't just trust that a doctor knows what's best for you. There are good reasons that All Dermatologists don't prescribe accutane. [/FONT]

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