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[QUOTE=Influence]I've tried proactive. Zit Zap. (Currently Using)
& Dove. I stopped using Dove since that makes you break out or whatever.(What I heard)
Zit zap..I've only been using for about 4-5 days now.
But I don't know if it WORKS...
The way I got this marks is from scratching the acne/ or zits picking it..
But around my eye brow's is where I'm getting acne the most now.
& On my side's of my face.
I'm 14 years old, I hate having acne.
I'm so embarrsed of going out to see girls now..
or even to see my guy friends..
if you have ANY thing that you KNOW will that worked for you please tell me..I really need help.

Like what i should eat..what I shouldn't..what cream i should use to heal acne & fade the scars...sorry for so much ..but i just am desperate to get rid of this thing..[/QUOTE]

OK, well it really surprises me that Proactive is so popular considering that it does use BP to treat acne. As such, this contributes to marks on the skin as well as bleaching your clothes and towels =/ However the only thing I personally think is safe regarding the ingredients is the Toner, but some people have said it's too harsh. If you have found that this toner is too harsh, stripping your skin, or causing itchiness or a prolonged burning/warming sensation (could be burning your skin) then it may indeed be too strong for your skin and may be contributing to your scarring.

I know that there are some members that aren't sympathic to former acne sufferers that "complain" because all they have left are red marks, hyperpigmentation, or scarring, but these people fail to remember that getting rid of acne IS only half the battle. Those marks can take up to 2 years to fade if you don't have the right products or nutrients to handle it and sometimes the scars can take even longer! Therefore, it's good that you are concerned about this, but it would be to your advantage to NOT use products that eliminate your acne too quickly at the expense of you getting a burn, mark, or scar as a result.

Naturally, the more you pick or scratch, the more you irritate your skin and thus the more likely you will get even redder or darker marks on your skin and/or scarring. Therefore don't do this ;-) I've found that Paulas Choice 2% (1% may work) BHA solution is excellant at exfoiliting (it'll dry it out so spot treat) and thus helping acne to heal. You can even apply it on open/sores acne and it won't burn, but it will help decrease the inflammation and close up the acne so it can heal. This is something you can't do with Zit Zap or Bye Bye Blemish if what you are using is that pink stuff that you spot treat with, as it will BURN open acne and it will also burn your eyes (if it gets in it) so be careful when washing around the eye area. If you have a Sally's near by, there's a Skin Lightener they sell in the Nail Products section called All Season Naturals Skin Lightner (little bottle) and I've found that not only does it help lighten marks, but it also helps with certain types of acne.

Ultimately though, when you are dealing with marks and scars the goal is to exfoilate as this is what removes layers of skin cells that have been damaged. However if you exfoilate too much and/or with a product that is too strong, then it can be too irritating and will do the opposite... give you scars. Certain acne products & skin lightners work this way, but you can also use Apple Cider Vinegar & Water with a few Aspirin (for salycilic acid/BHA) and make your own exfoilant. I've found that 50% Vinegar & 50% Water and 6 aspirin were enough for me. This also helped with some cystic acne I had, but if you find that is too strong for you, you can use less aspirin or vinegar. Once I tried using 75% vinegar and that was too drying for my skin, so you may have to play around with it.

Of course, you can alter your dietary or nutrient intake which will help you prevent acne on some level, decrease inflammation, decrease pigmenationation & scarring, and encourage your skin to heal faster. Exercising is also good because it promotes circulation throughout your body so that the nutrients go where they need to. Getting enough sleep and drinking enough water is also good. When it comes to nutrients, you want those that will help heal and build new skin. You want good antioxidants (found in colorful vegetables, berries or teas), you want Vitamin C (oranges, kiwi), B Vitamins such as Biotin & Folic Acid & Calcium, which you can get by taking a basic multivitamin. You want 800mcg or 1000mcg of folic acid though as this will help reduce any hyperpigmentation issues. I'm tempted to throw alfafa supplements or the sprouts in here as well as this is what I'm currently taking and it may also be responsible for my skin healing faster and leaving less - no marks or marks that go away much quicker.

As for the food, because of your age, I would like to think that you don't need a very strict diet. If you consume foods like I mentioned above this should help you. Eat bluberries , eat brocolli, and all sorts of colorful fruits and veggies and you will give your body the nutrients it needs to heal properly. A really powerful supplement though for Vitamin C is Pycnogenol/Pine Bark or less expense one would be Grapeseed Extract, or you can take at least 1000mg/day of Vitamin C. To help prevent acne, you can look for a multivitamin that gives you 10,000IU - 20,000IUs of Vitamin A and if you want more, then you can also take Beta Carotene for any extra Vitamin A your body would like to produce (if skin turns orange, cut back on the beta carotene). However, please don't take high mega doses of Vitamin A (30,000 IU - several 100,000 IUs) without being under doctor supervision.

If you want to try and prevent your acne through diet, perhaps you would be interested in eating 100% whole grain products or sprouted grains (with no added sugar). If you like oatmeal, just use 100% whole rolled oats and then add your own fruit & flavorings to it instead of buying the packaged stuff. Don't consume sodas, non-100% fruit juices or any fruit juice really. You can do this if you are getting a fruit smoothie though as this contains the most of the whole fruits, such as the fiber to help the metabolize sugars more slowly. So that leaves you with possibly dairy, green/red/white tea, and water. If you get board with that you can use those drink mixes (kool aid type) and make your own drinks using the least amount of sugar possible or you could use xylitol (have a natural food store near by?). I know that derms say there's not connection but if you have a problem with oily skin or enlarged pores eating less fried foods and no trans fats (to your knowledge) would help you out in this respect.

I could go on about diet, but I don't know how strict you would need to go, but those are some ideas for you. If you have very supportive parents they should be able to help you find those grain products to replace what you are currently eating. They should also be more than happy to have you eat more vegetables ;-) . Say have you ever been on antibiotics for this or any sort of prescrpition topical? How long have you had acne? When did you start getting acne in your eyebrows?

Thanks so much and I hope this has you helped you a bit!

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