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hiya, i've been using epidermx since january mainly because i have large pores, get the odd small breakout and have oily skin. well it didn't help my breakouts at all, i still get those annoying 1 or 2 zits now and then but the uneven tone of my skin has gone, my pores have shrunk loads, and get this - a chicken pox scar i had on my forehead has improved dramatically (this is obviously after 4 months of at least twice weekly use). the scar is still very obviously there but its more shallow. i had chicken pox when i was 7 and i'm now 23!!!

my fresh red marks go very quickly with this stuff. i have a hypertrophic (red bump) scar which has gone down a lot but i've been using dermatix on that so i dont know if its that or the epidermx. i think to totally get rid of it it'll have to be lasered off.

oh and just to mention i haven't had those 1 or 2 zits i mentioned for about a week now cos i've been taking msm supplements. i read about them on here a while ago and thought i might as well try go through the last barrier and try whatever i can. my skin is also less greasy with it (a lot less). it does seem to interfere with my digestion a bit tho (sickness in the mornings) but i really don't care if thats the price to pay.

so right now i'm delirously happy with my skin, but i'm not getting too excited cos i've been in this situation before and had it bite me on my butt a few months later.

as for the camellia oil, well i only use it when i use the epidermx (twice a week) so i got no idea wether its that thats helping or what. as a moisturiser i use decleor's ylang ylang oil which regulates oil production quite alot. and a gentle cleanser so as not to exacerbate the oil production.

well good luck with all you guys trying this stuff or about to try it. i really wouldn't recommend using it on active acne though, it's more of a skin resurfacer than a zit treatment thing. any big zits i've had while i've used this stuff only made them worse to be honest.

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