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I had the same kind of experience.
And my familly agreed that my acne was MUCH worse than it's even been before while i was on accutane. And everytime i'd see my derm he'd just act like he was really happy and would say there's good progress. I really wish i could go back and never take accutane, it destroyed my face, hurt my health and got me so depressed i failed college and have an uncertain future now.
cheers juici,

yea i know how you feel, i have been on retin a along with every other mediciation that stops working. i also know how you feel, i had to wait a year and untill my acne was absolutely unbearable before i was give accutane. have you tried antibiotics like erythromycin or oxytetrycylin? they both worked for me for a while and cleared it up but unfortunately it came back and that is where i am now. take your own advice too and hang in there, eventually if the antibiotics and retin A dont work then i am sure your doctor will prescribe you the accutane,

good luck to you to ;)
hey big,

i'm having the same problems w/the accutane that you are. big conglomerate cystic type things on my jawline. misery! i've been on it for almost three months now and am still breaking out, pretty hard core. i take 40-60 mg/ day, plus 20 mg/day of prednisone and topical clindamycin 1% lotion, 400iu of vitamin e, a multivitamin and fish oil, which gives yucky burps, but whatever. funny thing, where the cysts and acne aren't, my skin looks great. odd, but there it is.

i'm not having any side effects either, just the dry lips and worsened acne.

and i get the same reaction from my derm, everything's getting better, just taking a long time, now lie back while i inject you with the cortisone. ouch! but it makes those bigguns go away pronto.

keep the faith big, my derm says he's never seen this stuff not work, just that it takes longer for some than for others. looks like we're in the longer group! good luck to you.
[QUOTE=JuiciCouture]I dont know if this has any premise, seeing as how I am not a Doctor- But maybe youre taking too much? Try cutting out the other things youre taking (the fish oil, etc) and see how Accutane works for you on its own. Just a thought- Sometimes less is more![/QUOTE]

thanks juici, i would rather not take a bunch of pills, i hate swallowing all that stuff, but it seems to be helping- my cholesterol is down, kidneys are back to good, and my skin is looking (slowly but surely!) better. i was taking the accutane alone at christmas time and my face exploded with cysts. it was awful, and i'm still recovering from it. so gross! six weeks later and it still looks like i have a great, big hickey on my jaw. although now i can kinda cover it with makeup.

it is getting better though. the bumps that come are much smaller, and are coming in singles and doubles instead of 8 or nine or more all joined together. and sometimes they even go away without coming all the way up, which is very exciting for me. :D i never had anything quite like this before accutane. i've become much more humble. we'll see.
A Few Suggestions. Please Read.

Have you considered diet? It may sound like a bunch of health nut propaganda, but fatty/greasy foods are a huge contributor to many people's acne. No lie. I know this because I changed my diet. Nothing hardcore, just stopped eating fast food burgers and french fries and stuff. Doesn't work for everyone but does for most.

Also, stop taking the fish oil. Like right now! Fish oil is for people with dry skin. Back when I used to kill my face with ineffective topical acne treatments I needed a way to help keep my skin hydrated. I chose fish oil supplements. Bad idea. It basically counteracts whatever acne treatment you're on by replacing the natural oil you are trying to remove with fish oil. It clogs your pores just as bad as the oil your body creates and generally makes the whole process of acne treatment pointless.

Nothing ever worked 100% for me though so even I have ended up taking accutane now. I'm still on it, but things are really starting to look good.

Good Luck.
well thanks everyone for your responses in this thread they have been very helpful. but since i started this threat about 2 weeks ago my acne is improving dramatically. i have only had a few little bumps, about 3 which have pretty gone down. all of the rest of my zits and cysts seem to be drying up. so all is good there. the only problem is that the red marks are sill there and although my acne isn't actually that bad it still doesn't look great because of the marks

has anyone else had this problem? how long did it take for your marks to go away, ok cheers people. any responses would help

yea my cysts are much bigger since i have been on accutance, thankfully i have not had any new cysts come up now for about 2 1/2 weeks but i still have a pretty big one that has not gone down. i know i shouldn't but if my cysts were painful i used to ***** them to get all of the stuff out. i know that when i went to see my derm he bloody stabbed two of mine with a needle to see if anything was in there. but to be honest i think you are better off trying to get some gel which drys them up. i have this clinique night time gel which is pretty good and does help but there isn't much you can do about them apart from take antibiotics or roaccutane

are you on any medication?
Hey Curious P

Just stick with it. when i first started this thread i felt in despair. my cysts were really bad, i though they would never stop and yes i was really worried about scarring. but ever since i started it i have had probably about 1 small zit come up and 2 very small zits. finally the accutane after i was really close to giving up on it has started to work. there are still quite a few red marks on my face but i have been reading arround on that. some people think that it can take up to 6 months for them to go but they will go, thats what i keep getting told. Don't give up on the accutane, i have tried everything but it hasn't worked, so if it is workin for me i am sure it will work for most other people

Good Luck!

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