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I need your help! Okay, today my skin was PERFECT. It would stay that way (aside from the occasional white head) if I wouldn't pick. See, I get those under the skin flesh colored blemishes that will pop if squeezed. But, sometimes, by squeezing them I turn them into bigger problems and actual zits. My skin is so oily and I get these usually all the time. I am so tired of it. I started using the Spa microdermabrasion kit, and it does okay. BUT, the serum has oil in it so I don't use that. I wash my face with oil free face wash, blackhead eliminating toner and oil controlling astringent. I then use either the on the spot zit cream or a medicated lotion my dr gave me for cysts. THEN, I have been using the Nivea anti-wrinkle firming lotion. WeLL, I noticed yesterday that there is SPF in it and it tends to make me oilier.
What has worked for you?
I have seen the new Neutrogena acne care box and wondered if that does any good? Also, anyone got a firming lotion that is OIL FREE and works well? ( can't spend lots of $$ husband just laid off....) Also, I wanted to get the Neutrogena MIcrod kit, but it has OIL in it and that isn't a good thing for me. My skin is so oily!!!! If I go without makeup or just powder, I break out even more, well, I don't break out-I get more bumps and clogged pores. Sorry if this is a bit scattered....Anyway, I really appreciate any help you can give. I gotta figure something out. Man, my face looked so darn good today, then I spent 30 mins popping all the bumps and getting quite a bit of white crap out of them. this sucks. I am just a picker-I miss smoking and I pick. UGH. Anyway, thanks in advanced!

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