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wow. some brutal stuff. My face kinda feels like it burns. Is this normal? Aslo, I have the camilla oil on my face and my face feels kinda oily with this on. Is this normal as well? hope i did everything correctly and it works. Thanks to anyone who can answer this for me
Yeah i had the same unpleasant feeling as well.
I've never had any "burn" feeling. My cheeks, especially the forehead, just look a bit red but goes away in minutes. Maybe you were rubbing too hard and/or too long. You don't need to rub too hard.
My face never burned. My guess is your rubbing to hard. You need to be massaging it. My face feels so clean and smooth afterwards I couldn't belive the results! I don't use the camellia oil because I think it makes my face look to oily but it doesn't moisturize rather gently.
When i just massage i can rub for so long and nothing happens, the cream just ends up vanishing into my skin and i don't get any of those little balls of skin. Maybe i'm just not using enough of the cream..

I also used it for 3 days in a row and got a very very bad breakout this morning.. don't know if it's related to the cream.
You shouldn't use it to get dead skin come off everyday. It takes a couple of days for dead skin to build up. You won't see anything ball up when you use it every day. I use it twice a week and still I sometimes don't see much peelings. The best is when I use it just ONCE a week.

I think your breakout might be related to the cream (and also using it too frequently). Someone posted about what Goldportbeauty replied to this issue in another thread 2 pages down. I think the subject line is "Epidermx".
hey thanks for saving me my money. i will NOT buy this prodcut. i already spent money on the loreal refnish and i m not using it again ti made me break out. the main ingredietn ins mineral oil. what a lovely thing to be rubbing into your pores when i have acne. ugh
microdermabrasion shouldnt be used for active acne. It'll have an initial breakout period because it is purging everything out of the pores so give it some time.

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