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Can't figure out how to pronounce your name but I like it anyway ;-) Anyway, if it helps not even I follow all of the reccomendations, as I don't currently live in a world that allows me to do so 100%, but I try. Trying got me 99%+ and hopefully one day I'll balance my diet or possibly find an effective supplement or two that gets me at the 100% mark.

As for you, it's interesting that BC, an anti-androgen doesn't work for your acne. What versions/brands did you try? Since you've had acne for so long, and have been on various BCs, did you ever find out your hormonal status? I know that right now it may not be a possibility, but if you can go to an Endocrinologist it would probably help you out tremendously.

If you can't then, do you have any other signs of a hormonal disorder? Weight problems, menstrual problems, fatigue, digestive problems, high cholesterol, hirsutism, (androgenic) alopecia, jitterness, etc Basically anything that you are aware of that you've always felt wasn't quite the norm. The same goes for any of your family members, do they have any sort of health problem or hormonal disorder such as Diabetes (type I or II), Obesity, High Cholesterol, Hypothyroidism, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Allergies, Skin Disorders, etc?

There could be several reasons why things didn't work for you, but two possible reasons why BC or even maybe simple dietary changes may not is if you have a allergy/intolerance or tumor induced hormonal disorder. There's a few girls around here that do have tumorrs, and once that's taken care of the hormones will balance out. Otherwise, usually dietary changes, especially if you pick the right diet for you, can improve and hopefully your clear your skin. This is particularly true if the only reason you still have acne is due to a food allergy or intolerance.

Now, when it comes to picking the "right" diet, it depends on your health status (hormonal, allergy, intolerance, chemical sensitivity, etc). What you'll notice about my diet and some others is that it's sometimes a combination of reasons. I have a hormonal disorder, HAIR-AN Syndrome which is a Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) variant, that's due to being Insulin Resistant. So most of what I avoid I do to control the sugar levels in my blood stream. However I also have an intolerance to nuts and their associated fruits.

If you don't have these intolerances, and usually an intolerance shows up as being inflammed, sore, swollen cystic or nodular acne, then you can usually eat most foods. If this is the type of acne you have, then you may want to look into food that fall on the allergy/intolerance food lists (usually the same foods). There is a list somewhere on the board, but to not overwhelm you, perhaps you may want to think about your current eating habits & the kind of diet you currently have first.

What food groups/items are you eating every singly day?

What food groups/items are you eating weekly?

What food groups/items are you eating around the time of your period?

What foods do you eat the most?

What foods do you eat the least?

What foods are your favorites?

I ask these because most people can't detect a food-acne connection because they are always breaking out, which [i]could [/i] mean that they are [U]always [/U] eating something that encourages a break out. Or they only break out with certain types acne and it may be because around that time, they were eating a certain type of food. Unfortunately, it turns out that, with the exception of most vegetables, anything else in your diet is fair game when it comes to this. So what others, including myself, have noticed is that sometimes your favorite food item is on the "unfavorable" list for your skin. I know that seems a little unfair, but I've read this at a few places and apparently your body CAN be addicted to things that are not the best for it (or your skin). I suppose this is where the sugar addicts diet came from, but even some ADHD children have been addicted to a food (gluten grains) that was very hard to get them off of, but once they were off of it, their problems improved or disappeared entirely.

So to sum up what I'm saying, definately think about your's and your family's health & hormonal history, diet history, and the severity & types of acne that you get. All of this will help you figure out what type of diet to follow or food item(s) you may want to try avoiding first. Sometimes it's several items and other times, it's only 1 or two but finding those can sometimes be a matter of trial and error. If you want to list some of those answers on this board I'm sure if I don't see it first some other diet advocate around here will and, one of us will be able to help you figure out a good place start.

Bye for now =)

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