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Hey, ive had acne for only 4 yrs, but let me tell you, thats long enough. Myb face was clear until i was 18 and then i got some pimples, this is when i started actually washing my face, and overwashing it. Then my face got worse, then i started proactive. Overused the toner and the lotion, gave me cystic acne. Which was the worst acne ive ever had, painful and leave scars...and last for weeks and some months.

I slowly stopped washing my face so much, and went to once in morning and once at night. I also, popped all my pimples because i could not stand whiteheads on my face. Would have rather had a red mark than a whitehead. I was good at popping em too. :P Could do it without blood or extra irritation....most of the time. I was always told that squeezing and popping pimples caused more problems. But i figured if i was careful it wouldn't shove the bacteria into the skin. Well my face got a little better, with this washing 2 times a day and not touching my face during the day.

Then finally i tried not popping pimples and not touching my face AT ALL after washing it. After 1 month, no more cysts. After about 2-3 months 1-2 pimples maybe every other week, or 2 in a week. This was going from 3-5 cysts every day! And maybe a few whiteheads. But most of the time they where irritated pimples. I found this was due to the squeezing i was doing.

I know its hard trust me. Ive developed an OCD with picking my face, because going from not washing face and no acne to having pimples come about at age 18 was a huge pitfall.

So now my face is awesome after 4-5 months of my new ways. It takes long time to get over the damage that you do to your face, and the stuff thats hiding in your pores that come out later.

Now to the tips...sorry for rambling..

1. Don't over wash your face, once in morning and once in evening. If you workout, or get oily/dirty at work..wash afterwards...but 2 times a day should be max.

2. Don't pop, squeeze, or touch your face. Its hard as hell, to have nasty *** whiteheads on your face, but guaranteed your face will improve when you don't pop em, and there will be no scars....whitheads may last a few days or a week, redmarks last for many many months.

3. Don't over due crap on your face. Clearasil acne bar, and aveeno bar work awesome. I used both at the same time and it helped major. I found that moisturizing made my face oilier, so try not to moisturize unless your face is flaky dry. And even then make sure its like a pea sized or a little bigger amount. Overuse will do more harm than good.

4. Certain foods CAN cause outbreaks. Find your culprit. I got cyst 4-6 days after eating melted cheese, like nachos or enchiladas. Soon as a stopped, my cyst where few. So far, melted cheese and tortillia chips are my culprits, and hydrogenated oils. (no more tv dinners for me NONE, not even the healthy ones..mexican foods either :o )

5. Certain vitamins can cause acne too, so watch those.

Overall, for a HUGE improvement, no popping, squeezing or touching your face after you wash. Stop looking at your face all the time. Im sure you do, i know i did. Don't worry about it anymore, worrying does no good...does it get rid of it? why stress over it...(another hard thing to do..but willpower overpowers all)

Good Luck, remember those tips, especially the touching, and popping...this will cause a HUGE improvement...even if people say they do this and still have pimples..whatever...its not gonna cure acne but it will be the biggest help of all.

Again, good luck. :)

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