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Dear all.......

im this 20yr old guy who is so totally depressed. I had cyst acne and they are realli huge bumps. I took all sorts of antibiotic - erthythromycin, doxycycline, minocycline but it didnt work at all. in the end, I took accutane for a while n it made my lips so red n dry n its even infected and i had to take myself off accutane. but im realli hopeless. when i took accutane, i can see that my face is slowly recovering.

But now im off accutane i am dying. realli dying. ithe cyst acne starts breaking out again n again. so scary!

can anione help me coz accutane is not an option to me.......

does the blue red light phototherapy realli works? pls tell me.......
anione does anione here mind helping me get verilux or dermalux or ani other acne lamp and send me? coz i dun stay in us or canada, i stay all the way over in Singapore. n no online webbies sell verilux to overseas.

anione got ani other options to cure my acne? pls help. i been teased by my frens and even my relatives. i realli cant stand this mocking and it realli makes me inferior.

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