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Is Gylocolic alone enough to cure what you have? That is hard to say. I have not seen your skin personally. Glycolics are good for exfolliation purposes. It can mildly slough away dead skin cells. Which in return loosens debris and whallla..forces extract naturally.

You need to be VERY carefull with Glycolic products. Just because it works for some, does not mean it will be your best bet. if you have sensitive skin, it may be VERY VERY irritating. It can also cause you to breakout first....because again you are bringing as to much to the skins surface as possible. This can take a while. Over the counter Glycolics are certainly somewhat milder than pharmacutical grades...

But then again...I am not a big fan of OTC products with Glycolic. Iam not sure with the ingredients that they use. You may want to read some other posts..Some folks here have had bad reactions to products with these ingredients. I would give a test area(small area) on your neck first. This will test your sensitivity levels....

Milia should be extracted by your Dem...It certainly is alot faster than glycolic and safer!

Good luck!

Milia are little whiteheads usually by the eye area that are filled with debris... a bit different than a regular pimple and not so easy to get out manually. That's why professionals use a lancet...they can extract the contents safetly and with too much pain.

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