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Hello :wave:

I've been doing Atkins trying to control my acne (body). I know that eating mostly protein isnt healthy so I'm looking to try something else. Since my face is clearer with fewer pimples but elsewhere I continue to breakout everyday, could it be the butter,canola oil,mayo that are causing me to still breakout? I've searched to board and noticed that most ppl eat veggies,fruits, no dairy or oils, avoid gluten (what is gluten?) and malititol.
If anyone is using diet to control their acne could you please give me a list of the fruits,veggies,and bread that you use. I bought some bread (Nature's Own sugar free whole grain wheat) today and then got home to find that it had gluten and malitol added to it. I've had acne for years,it started with my forehead then slowly all over my face, my back, chest... you get the picture. I've used everything OTC, I went to a Drem. who gave me topicals for body acne :rolleyes: So if anyone could give me advice it would be great!

Ladies does birth control help?
Gluten is from wheat...anything with wheat will contain gluten. The thing about high protein it that it acidifies your body system. What you want, for dealing with acne or any other health challenge, is an alkaline diet. I drink a large glass of water with a couple tsps. of NATURAL apple cider vinegar (Bragg's is my favorite) a couple times a day - it's an alkinizer.
It also matters what you put on your skin - the largest organ of the body, right? If I wouldn't eat it, I think twice about putting it on my skin. That's my motto.
I'm trying to control my acne with diet too but I'm struggeling. I find it very hard!
I have eliminated milk and cheese, trying to eliminate other dairy but find it hard, trying to avoid breads and wheat or gluten containing products but crave it so bad, I'm avoiding sugars, I eat tons of vegetables and some fruits, I eat fish and chicken breast but not much other meat. I only drink water or tea with no caffeine. I drink mostly green tea.
The first thing I did was to cut milk about a year ago and I saw results with just that, I didn't get any more cysts.
Lately I've been struggeling with the diet and my skin is looking horrible right now. I'm doing my best to get on it again to see if it really helps me.
I tried ortho tri-cyclen for birth control hoping that it would help my acne, it made it worse. Maybe I didn'y give it enough time ,I don't know, but I'm not gonna try again.
Good luck!

ok no wheat or gluten products, so does that mean that I cant have any kind of bread? Do you eat nuts?
Well, there are gluten free breads and pastas etc that you can find in the stores. My husband bought me a bread mix that is wheat and gluten free but when I looked over the ingredients it turned out to have dairy in it and a little to much sugars. I haven't looked around at other gluten free products so you may be able to find something that would work...I'm not sure.
I don't know wether to eat nuts or not. I've heard some poeple say it's ok and some say no. I don't do well with peanuts but I've been eating almonds, walnuts and some cashews. Right now I'm staying away from it to see if it has any effect. What I will do is to experiment a little to see what I can get away with and what not.
BTW, it's not just wheat flour that contains gluten. These are some products that also may contain gluten.
Wheat, wholemeal, wholewheat & wheatmeal flour, wheat bran, barley, rye, rye flour, pasta, noodles, semolina, All baked foods made from wheat, rye, semolina, barley & pearl barley.
Some yoghurts (eg muesli yoghurt), some cheese spreads
Semolina, sponge pudding, pastry, pies, wafers.
Barley based drinks, barley fruit drinks, malted drinks, beer.
Some pepper compounds, shoyu, ready-mix spices, some seasoning powders, certain brands of mustard. Certain medicines may contain gluten.


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