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Hi Everyone,

I have read and sympathized with so many of your post. My story is like so many others. I have tried every prescription pill,cremes, birth control and all the ones you buy over the counter as well, all of the natural cures and potions,tried changing my diet, following a certain diet,food eliminations, given up caffeine and quite smoking all to try to cure my acne. Nothing has helpled. When I was a teenager I complained about the random pimple or two, never anything serious, but of course at that time I thought it was the biggest deal in the world. My skin was gorgeous, people where always comenting on it and wanting to know what kind of products etc I used. Boy how I wish a pimple or two during my period where my only problem now! When I turned 22 my face absolutely blew up, there was no warning, nothing changed, I literally woke up on morning with horrible cystic acne. As I said above through the years I tried everything during this time period, it got to where I could not even cover it with makeup because the cyst where so large. The cyst where also causing ear infections and infections in the lympnoids in my neck, I was always trying to bring them to a head and the infections would spread through the poking squezzing etc. many times I would have to go to my M.D. for an infection that had started this way and one side of my face or my neck was swollen from the infection, and I would have to take antibiotics to get rid of the infection. It is humilating going through all of this at my age, I am a young professional and would have to attend corporate meeting in my cutests business suits with a face that was so awfull I would wear my hair down and try to hide some of it, I couldn't even look people in the eye! I have struggled personally/professionally because of it. SO I understand when people say they are depressed because of their acne. Not to long ago about 3wks ago I jus said screw it! If there was a cure or a fix for what I have I would have found it in 5 years! So I stopped working and applying creams and combing stores and magazines looking for something to help with my face. It didn't help my complexion but it didn't make it any worse either. I read a post from a member of this board about "spirit of camphor oil" to help ease the pain and speed the healing process of a really bad cyst. I started to think about campho-phenique. There had to be some connection. I researched it and of course there was, camphor oil is used in both, it made me remember how my mom when I was kid used it for everything, it was the cure all! I also remembered Jeff Foxworthy mentioning the same kind of memory in one of his comedy shows. So I thought what the heck? I went and bought a bottle at Walgreens. I just started using a cosmetics wipe at night and I would get a cotton ball with campho on it and use it like it was a toner, all over my face, giving speacial attention to any active pimples or scars. I would wash my face in the shower in the mornings with "purity" from Philospy and a couple of times a week I would exfoliate with St.Ives medicated. The only thing new in my routine was the campho, everything else I had always done. Within a week I could see a difference, fewer cyst, fewer pimples, the ones I already had where well on there way to being healed and where not leaving marks, my scars where starting to lighten up as well. After three weeks of this, my face is 75% clear which is very high for me! I only had to wear concealer and tinted moisturizer to work this week which is HUGE!!!!!!!!! After all these years and all that money wasted, I can't believe this would be the thing that has helped me the most! I know everyone is different, I know that this will not be the answer for everyone, but if you are like me and had nothing else to do and no where to go but up, give it a try and see if it gives you a little relief or maybe alot like it did me. If this helps just one person get a little of their life back from acne, like it did me, than it was worth typing this HUGE post. Let me know if anyone has any luck like I did with campho. :angel:

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