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They're bumps that seem to be acne under my skin. They don't have heads or anything, they just are sort of "there" and they're kind of small. I'm on Differin right now and I have been for a month--and I've started getting these now. I don't think it can be the initial breakout anymore, since I've been on it for a month. They're really not noticable, but I can feel them and see them up close.

Is it just developing acne or what?
ive had bumps like that on my face for a while now and i keep thinking they'll develop into a pimple, but they dont. just like you said, theyre just "there". With time though, they'll go away on their own.
I used to have these lovely things all over my forehead and cheeks. I've been on Retin-a Micro for almost a year and they are almost gone now. They have taken FOREVER to go away but it's worth the wait. I have a few "stobborn" ones here and there. (Maybe 5 or 6, total) They just hang around on my face. Someone told me on this board that they are called, "Milia". No head, just blocked pores with oil and old sweat in them. YUCK! :eek: I have also been told NOT :nono: to pick at them and if I really want them removed to go to the Derm. and have him extract them out. I'm not sure how he would go about this. I'm going to ask him next week at my scheduled Appt. how he would do it and how much it would cost me. Anyone know? I was also wondering if there will be scars left after removal...? Anyway. Good Luck! :wave:
I have been on differin for about 6 months too and I have had these the whole time. The differin clears my face pretty well, but it cannot clear these bumps out. My derm is going to do acne surgery on my in a couple weeks to get them out hopefully.
It could be milia which need to be removed by your dermatologist or it could be papules which will eventually go away on their own. Keep using the medication, they will slowly go away. Trying to mess with them and extract them will just make them big and infected and leave a scab.

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