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I started getting acne about 2 years ago (face, back, chest and little on side of neck) and after about a year and a half it cleared up (though not completely, I still get bumps under the skin) but during that 1 1/2 year I felt TRAUMATIZED. I didn't want to go out - especially during the day, I'd go to work with a hat, dark glasses - just wanted to cover up as much as possible. I started a new job and felt so embarrassed that it affected my confidence and I never wanted to look at people.

On weekends, I'd stay home coz that was really the only time that I could focus on my topicals, creams etc with not having to wear makeup for a few days. Also, If I did go out on weekends, I'd make sure it was after dark and pick a not-too-well-lit place for me and my friends to hang out.

It was really difficult for me to look people in the eye and I just felt so disgusting and unattractive. I also couldn't wear anything cute - that had a v-neck or just a regular fitted tshirt - as my chest and back acne would show. Urgh..

I would wear oversized tshirts at home with my boyfriend and even wore them during sex!!sigh :( He never said anything.

During summer, I would be sweltering in large tshirt or cardigans and often covered up in hats and glasses - ANYTHING to not let people see my acne.

Just recently - after being clear for a few months - i strayed from my usual regime and broke out like CRAZY and I will definately be staying in this weekend to give my skin a rest from make up and focus on getting my skin clear.

I guess we're all in the same boat, right?!!

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