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I have been using eveningprimrose suppliments for the past 2 years and even though it hasnt help me get rid of my acne entirely, it has definitely helped me control it.I am 25 years of age and started having acne when I was 19.I started on birth control pills when I was 19 and to this day I believe that was the major reason why it started.As I live in U.K the names of these medications might not help you much, I was put on Cilest initially, after a year when the acne got out of hand I asked my doctor to prescribe me an alternative pill, and I started on Dianette , which is a birth control pill that helps control the hormone and hence stops the break outs.Even tho it stopped my break outs, I could feel the cysts under my skin , so I knew I was better off looking for a natural remedy which would have the same action on my body.After 2 years of testing and searching for different methods I settled for Evening primrose( it works magic for me, even for menstrual cycle, makes it painless), a good source of muti-vitamin and cod liver oil.I eat a handful of nuts every day(especially brazil nuts (for selenium)and linseed,which is good for your skin again) Ever since I turned 22 I have been following this routine along with topical application of Vit-C and a cream by Roc(with vit A, C and E) along with a mild moisturiser. I rarely , very rarely have any break outs, but the down-side is I can feel the cysts on my face still.I dont know whether it would ever go away, coz I dont let them out !!!
This treatment is quite effective for keeping break-outs under control, but for eradicating the cysts you might have to incorporate someother means ,am still looking into more natural ways , I am sure I will find a something soon.I read a very good thread on Lemon juice , (think it is by AcneAvenger) check it out it sounded promising and I have started on lemon juice today!

And about the saw palmetto, I works great for your libido, I was on it for a while , it is definitely a boost when you need to impress your partner.Good luck in trying the more natural way .Have to let you know that you have to take Evening primrose atleast for 2 months to see any difference I take 2000 to 3000mg(max recomended amount) of it everyday.Stick to it , if not the acne it will surely show a difference on your skin on the rest of your body.

Let us know how it goes for you!

Good luck!


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