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Hi, I have 17 year old daughter who has suffered with facial and back acne since she was 10. I know she had been looking through these boards for help and support for many years, but she has stopped since her skin cleared. I'm here to post what has helped her, and this might help some. She had tried just about everything mentioned in the boards, except accutane. Creams and antibiotics helped her for a short time. She was depressed and desperatate, and had almost given up when we came across the Dr. Perricone solution for acne. He is a reputable dermatologist who believes that acne can be conquered by following his recommendations: diet, topical creams and vitamins. All the details are in his book which can be ordered on line. My daughter followed all three steps at first, but now she's just taking his vitamins and using his acne cream, and her skin is flawless! She saw results within days of following his advice! It has been 3 months now and we can't believe our eyes! The creams and vitamins are kind of expensive, but when I think of how much we've spent in the past on things that didn't work, they're worth it! Also if you can't affort the products, you may try only his diet. While waiting for the products to arrive, my daughter was just following the diet and it was already working! Good luck and if you have any questions, I will answer them if I can. I know how it feels to suffer with acne.

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