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First of all, your acne might improve drastically if you do not pop, squeeze, or pick any pimple any whitehead at any time. Even when about to pop on its own, leave it be, it will harden and dry out.

Trust me i know its hard to leave whiteheads on your face, it took me years to give this a shot. The first few weeks will be the hardest, because you'll probably be getting a lot of whiteheads. Bare with them, after a few weeks, you'll notice your pimples are less and less, and they are just little whiteheads and not inflamed pimples and cysts. (not necessarilly for everyone)

I had horrible cysts, inflamed pimples and regular whiteheads. My face improved SO much in 1 month, i now only get the occasional whitehead. And am now on doxy, hoping to nip this **** in the bud.

Anyways, give that a try, i always heard squeezing caused more problems, but i was a precision artist at popping without blood or pain. But this still spread bacteria below the surface, causing more pimples in other spots, and cysts usually in spots of popped inflamed pimples, or popped cysts.

Please take this, as it might not cure you, but i GUARANTEE!! (AND I MEAN GUARANTEE) this will help you out so much. Took me 3 years of daily breakouts to figure this **** out.

As soon as i stopped worrying about my face so much, the time flew by. Wash in morning, and don't look at face the rest of day. Ignore peoples looks, when the pimple is gone, its outta their mind.

And when your acne is gone, its outta your mind too. Ive gone thru hell for 4 years, now that im pretty clear, those days are forgotten. So just rmember that, its only temporary, please don't pop, EVER.

Good Luck...btw ive been on doxy for 4 weeks, and im guessing its working magnificent. Ive got another refill of 60pills, im going to take that too no matter what.

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