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im probably jumping ahead of things here, but just wondering what the cost of Accutane is (I'm in Canada)...anyone know?
The Price on my prescription slip is $131.32. And that's for one package of 40mg's. I'm up to 80 mg's now, so that's double the packages, double the dose, double the cost. I'm in Ontario.
how long does one package last though?? i guess im looking to find out what the monthly cost of the drug will be...
$131.00 for 2 packs of 10mgs. I take 20mgs/ day. So I guess that is for 60 pills total. 30 days worth. But you might get a differnt does, so the cost varies.
at the highest dosage per month (80 mg a day) it will be about 300-350 a month...but if you have insurance (through school or other health plan) then it works out to about 60 bux a month.
40mg 2x a day, for 30 days is 281.00, and thats the real stuff no generic, the generic here in America is almost 600 wow! :)
well i pay nothing for mine in uk you can get it free on the nhs im just glad i dont have to pay like $200 or whatever you pay over there

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