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Sugar-acne is true?
Feb 19, 2005
I've moved to Japan where sugar-based and simple-carb diets are not nearly so common as in the US. My 25 years of mild acne problems cleared up within four weeks after avoiding all sugar, chocolate, fruit juice, sugar coated cereal, and bread.

I can turn my acne back on again after about three weeks of a diet rich in simple-carbs and sugar, but I tend not to. (Though if there's chocolate lying around too often, I'll get a few red bumps around my hairline.)

Saying "sugar does not cause acne," is like saying "gasoline does not cause mobility." True, by itself sugar does not cause acne, nor does gasoline cause mobility.

But put sugar into your body, where it interacts with and disrupts your hormones, causes chemical imbalances and stress, and you definitely get acne. But sugar alone doesn't cause it.

In the same way, put gas in a car, where it interacts with a spark plug and pistons and gears, the drive train and you get mobility. But gas alone doesn't carry you anywhere.

The other problem is doctors and patients both like someone else to blame - specifically the pharmaceutical salesman. And he's more than happy to take the blame, provided you buy his drugs.

If a doctor were to say, "Just change your diet, change your behavior and your acne will improve," but you try and your acne doesn't go away, you can only blame yourself or your doctor. That's not going to help your relationship with your doctor. But if you take pills and your acne doesn't go away, you and your doctor both get to blame the drug company!

Someday the medical world will admit the very strong correlation between simple carbohydrates and acne, but it will take another generation or two of frustration and emotional debates.

By the way, the young Japanese kids eating in McDonalds and eating "western stye," tend to have acne. The older Japanese, Koreans, and Chinese still have that clear, smooth "China-doll" skin.

Coincidence? I don't think so.

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