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[QUOTE=yelps]Atoxic environment would not be diet. I can think of hives, which show up soon after you eat a allergic food. Most all skin problems are fungus, bacteria or contact dermatitis. No one is getting those by diet,[/QUOTE]

If you are eating or drinking something that comes from a toxic environment (i.e. chloracne?) than it is indirectly your diet, due to the toxin you consumed.

Skin disorders have long since been associated with ones "health". There's a variety of skin disorders that are due to hormonal disorders, health problems, allergies, intolerances, etc. Acne happens to be one that is believed to be caused by yeast, p.acnes, and hormones. We can go all day discussing that but the bottom line with all of those is that you can control the amount of hormones produced and the amount of microorganisms by your diet. Since yeast and bacteria require sugar (and fat?) to thrive, then reducing the amount of sugar should reduce their ability to futher grow and thus irritate your skin (this is the simplest of the explanations regarding this aspect).

Of course when it comes to hormones, it's a no brainer that our diet affects our ability to produce hormones. Granted genes play a role, but our diet has the ability to increase our decrease our susceptibility to developing certain diseases and by influencing the phenotypic (physical) traits of our genes. Thus you can eat crapy and grow hair but that hair won't be as strong, vibrant, & shiny compared to if you were to eat "healthier". Same thing with your skin, even a model's skin won't look so hot (glowy, young, etc) if she's always smoking and doing crack.

Our environment influences our genes in more ways than some wish to give it credit for. Our environment has the ability to turn on or off genes and our skin is a good indicator as to what's going on inside of us. So of course it makes sense that during puberty, when our bodies our going through this temporary hormonal imbalance, that some of us will get acne, others will gain weight and some are lucky enough to enjoy both. It's those gene-enviroment interactions that decide just what we will end up with based on consuming the same types of foods (acne, obesitity, diabetes, cancer, etc) or living in the same type of environment. There's no need to ponder it any further as they do not konw the specifics yet as to why, specifically regarding acne, but it just is.

I suggest that instead of coming up with what you [I]think [/I] are logical reasons, that you open your mind up & investigate this more, doing research along the lines of the antiandrogenic, anti-proliferative, and anti-inflammatory aspects (all contributors of acne) of following specific diets. If you honestly took the time and did the research, you would see how this is above and beyond possible for so many of us. I'm not saying this will work for everyone, but more often then not, this is the answer for those long term sufferers (5, 10, 20, or more years of acne). Some people won't know they are long term sufferer, until it's too late (acne's worse, health problems, etc)....that's the unfortunate part of it =(

You really do remind me of someone on this board that I think kinda sorta figured it out some (lol) and I just don't have time for anyone that comes on an acne board, looking for help (?), yet thinks they know all the answers, at least pertaining to "diet & acne". If you are honestly interested and are willing to do the research and post the studies (you can if they are .gov sites) then we can debate this further. Otherwise, I wish you the very best.

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