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[QUOTE=indy gal]SweetJade - This is totally off-topic, but you mentioned it earlier and made me curious. What foods can cause hypothyroidism?

And by the way, I was one of the non-believers that diet affected my acne. But, I was willing to give it a try and discovered that it really does trigger my acne. The healthier I eat, the better my skin is. These boards really helped me with that.[/QUOTE]

LOL, well I don't think it's totally off topic, as these foods have sugars too, but for thoe most part that is not an issue when consuming vegetables so maybe it is a wee bit ;-) Anyway, the foods that [B]Goitrogens[/B], especially when [U]raw[/U], are:

[B]Brassica Family [/B] (anti-cancerous, increase glutathione levels something that acne sufferers may be lacking, high fiber, calcium, etc):

Brussel Sprouts
Canola Oil (Rapeseed)

[B]Misc. Legumes[/B]
Lima Beans

[B]Misc. Grains:[/B]

[B]Misc. Nuts:[/B]
Pine Nuts

[B][I]genus Prunus[/I] (of Rose Family) [/B]

Sweet Potato

As you can see these are some very healthy foods, some of which most of us rarely eat (enough of). So if you don't eat tons of it raw, it's not a problem, but if you do eat tons of these foods you may want to cut back some or cook them more often. This is particularly true of soybean consumption as members have stated that after becoming vegans or increasing their soy content (it can work for or against you) their acne got worse OR it [B]GAVE[/B] them acne. Out of all of these foods, soybeans is something that Americans can consume daily and in a variety of ways (as a bean, protein, seasoning, "milk", "cheese" etc), so it makes sense that soybeans could be a big factor for members that chose to go vegan.

Of course the possiblity with soy is that it's being either overconsumed (compared to consumption in other countries), it's refined soy, or it's genetically modified as to why it may affect some members negatively. As for the other foods, well the ones I eat & have started increasing my intake of are brocolli, cauliflower, cabbage, and greens (spinach, turnips, kale, collard & mustard) but I eat brocolli the most, usually steamed, and none of these on a daily basis. Based on former thyroid tests I am high-normal for T4 hormone (converts into T3) so I guess i can afford to add some of these into my diet, especially since I wasn't eating these foods as often before (but I NEED the fiber & nutrients).

LOL, just added more to the list and I honestly had no idea how many foods could be goitrogens, but again, some people that are hypothyroid don't have problems with ALL of these foods. Sometimes it's only certain foods and if you cook them, this will further decrease or deactivate this ability. Cooking for legumes & nuts & grains may simply mean sprouting, soaking or fermenting them. In fact one source said that soybean consumption should be avoided entirely unless fermented (Leo's Last Acne solution also reccomends this) and members of a rawfood community that are hypothroid have also noted problems with soy. I would suggest that if you wanted to know if it's a problem I would avoid those that fall under being the top allergens first and then work your way through the rest of these. I actually eat corn almost every day, but I do avoid the Genus [I]Prunus[/I], nuts, & peanuts as I get cystic acne from them =( I used to think that it was due to an intolerance to the nuts (from possibly a leaky gut), but since those fruits involved also gave me the acne, then it may be a cross reaction or since they were raw, they may have been affecting my T3 levels....hmm.

Are you hypothyroid or suspect that you may be?

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