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[B]All I know is that for the past 2 months I haven't had one pimple when my diet consisted of;[/B]

oatmeal, or scrambled eggs or veggie fritatta, or seaweed and tofu or fruit or vegetable juice

Tofu, or black bean pancakes, or veggies with tofu and quinoa, or bean soup, or grilled veggies with barley, or juliene veggies with brown rice.

Snacks: berries, raw nuts, raw desserts (made with nuts, carrots, carob, dates)

Also: Milk thistle, accodopholus, green tea, alpha lipoic acid, flax seed oil, digestive enzymes.

[B]And, when I went away for about a week and ate the following things - my skin now looks terrible (i have at LEAST 20 pimples - not to forget a few white heads and a few cysts)[/B]

Scrambled egg (cooked with I don't know what - probably butter) with toast and jelly, honey nut loops, 2 cups coffee (with cream and sugar)

All eating out: Sandwich, or buritto, or burger, or corn cakes, or pasta, or soup. With at least one coctail - margurita or mojito

Fruit (grapes), chex crackers, cheese and crackers, chocolate, chips, peanut m&ms!! (there was NOTHING else!!)

Also, I have to add that I don't know the meaning of 'moderation.' I am one of those people who does NOT know when to stop eating. I'm like that girl off Charlie and the chocolate factory who keeps eating and eating until shes bursts!! Thats me!! Just thought I'd add that.
I posted last week about how after returning from a vacation where I ate every crap food you can image and how I'd broken out like CRAZY. I also vowed to detox to get rid of them.

Well, its almost a week later. I've been religiously taking my milk thistle, juicing veggies for detox, eating lots of green stuff, drinking lots of water, taking my flax seed oil and keeping OFF junk food and my skin is already getting better. My face still look a mess as the pimples that formed are now dry scabs that I'm waiting to heal. BUT, there are NO NEW PIMPLES FORMING.

This would lead me to believe that for ME, food DOES make a difference. I am living proof right here that a changing in diet from crappy carbs and saturated fats to veggies, fruit, fresh juices, whole grains, water, herbs etc CAN have an affect on your skin.

I am my own science project and my finding is that eating healthy DOES prevent pimples forming in MY skin.

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