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[QUOTE=sunshine919]I rarely visit this site anymore because I learned how to control my acne with diet. Sweetjade, I owe you a big thank you for the knowledge you have shared. It helped introduce me to the key to solving my problem with acne. I definitely think my acne is hormonal and by controlling my diet, I am slowly but surely helping to balance my hormones. Let me just add that I believe it is even harder for me because I was on the birth control pill for a long time and my body went haywire going off it 6 months ago (I am 23 and took the pill more on than off since age 15). I will never take the pill again.

Just for anyone who wants to know what my diet consists of and what helps me (I shop only at Whole Foods and buy all Certified Organic food):

Start my day with Yogi Tea Detox w/ juice of half lemon
Breakfast: 1 cup blueberries, 1 cup strawberries, 1 cup raspberries, 4 dried apricots (the berries are all very low glycemic load and the dried apricots are low/medium) The berries come frozen from company Vital Choice

Lunch: 3/4 to 1 cup lentils with organic tomato sauce (no added sugar, preservatives, etc.), 1 cup steamed broccoli, 1/2 cup green beans, 1/2 cup cauliflower/carrots/zucchini, 1 ounce raw soaked walnuts or almonds. A couple days of the week I will substitute the lentils with 4 oz. tempeh. One day I will substitute with a canned lentil soup (Amy's).

Snack: apple

Dinner: 3 nights I have a 6 oz. Wild Red Alaskan Sockeye salmon filet (from the company Vital Choice), 1 1/2 cups saute spinach w/ veggie broth. Other nights I will have Herb Roasted Turkey, Eggs, once a week Tuna.

End the day with Yogi Tea Kombucha Green Tea w/ juice of half lemon
I drink about 80 oz. pure water daily (excludes the 12 oz. tea I drink morning and night).

Supplements taken: Saw palmetto 320 mg, Pygeum africanum 50 mg, Zinc picolinate 22 mg, B-Complex 50, Vitamin E mixed tocopherols 400 IU, Carlson's Cod Liver Oil 1 tbsp daily.

When I maintain this healthy way of eating, I am pretty much clear and have glowing skin. When I stray, I pay. Usually it only takes 2-5 days for the reaction. Let me provide an example. About a week ago I ate several white flour bagels from Panera, a few sugar filled cookies, some bites of Tiramisu, and a doughnut in the span of a few days. A few days later I had about 6 cysts on my face. And it will take at least a few more days for them to disappear. I am miserable with the fact that I did this to myself, but oh well. Didn't stop me from eating a pastry today w/ lunch, after being really good for the past few days! My skin will heal; just a matter of time.

So anyway, I hope some of you may benefit from the food ideas. Sweetjade, thank you and keep providing hope to others. Oh, and I agree with you on another point - Yelps is definitely Openseason. He just changed his username so he could start with a clean slate and not carry all the negative baggage of being Openseason ;)

No sense in replying Yelps/Openseason since I don't check the board that often. Take care all![/QUOTE]

I think I would rather live the rest of my life with my mild yet persistent acne than live on a diet of lentils, spinach, beans, zucchini, etc. Am I the only one here?? I mean, c'mon!! One of the great spices in life (for me anyway) is trying new, exotic, tasty foods and drinks. I love going out to different restaurants and experiencing a new taste. The thought of the diet listed above makes my stomach literally start to churn! Blech!

I am happy that a diet such as this has cleared you up, don't get me wrong. Also, I do believe that diet is part of the acne cause in some people. However, I can't imagine living off a diet such as that. I know that was just an example of one person's diet, but as I have read through all the posts in this thread, it seems that if you are affected by diet-related acne, the only way to cure it is to go on a life-time diet very similar to the one above. How do you do it???

I myself eat extremely healthy, and always have. I'm big on fruits and vegetables, I eat steamed chicken and fish, I take vitamins and supplements and drink green tea and 8 oz. of Pomegranate juice per day. I am 20 years old and I do not drink alcohol or smoke. However, I still incorporate dairy (cheeses, eggs) and carbs (Spaghetti, tortillas) into my diet also, and I can't imagine not doing so!

There really is not much point to this post, I just wanted to express how amazed I am that people actually live off diets such as those! I truly am amazed - I could never do it, nor do I think I would want to. However, I do commend those that can live off raw and organic diets and have no qualms about it! :p

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