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[QUOTE=ShadowLink]I do agree with what you are saying, Yelps. It's very contradictory. But think about it, people are very quick at pointing fingers... I'm sure you realize this. I could eat some chocolate right now, and two hours from now notice that my tooth has a cavity. If I reacted the same as some of these people, I'd blame it on the chocolate I just ate. Not the fact that it's all the crap I ate before the chocolate, not a few weeks back.[/QUOTE]

Actually there is nothing contradictory about diet claims, unless the individual wasn't observant enough. People can breakout for various reasons related to diet and some of these have different incubation periods regarding when acne can form.

[B]Allergies[/B]: minutes - 24 hours

[B]Intolerance[/B]: 24 hours - 2 weeks

[B]Sensitivity[/B]: may respond as quickly as an allergy or not

[B]Insulin-Acne connection[/B] or Glucose Intolerant form of Insulin Resistance: 2 -3 days or 5 - 7 days (depending on the type of carbohydrate or added sugar)

Acne doesn't take 30, 60 or 90 days to form as if you've ever witnessed a breakout or cystic breakout from using pore clogging skin care or taking some sort of supplement that reacted badly with your skin (b12-b6, mercury) you will note that it didn't take but a few days - 2 weeks for the breakouts to occur. I'm not talking about the normal amount you get, but the increased amount or heightened severity that occured as a result. Once you remove that irritant from your skin, supplement regimen, or diet, the acne stops and begins to heal.

This can be tested over and over again by using that irritant and stopping and seeing what happens as a result. This is how most of us discovered what we could put on our skin or consume. After you've reached 99% - 100% clear skin for several months or years, it's very obvious whether you've eaten, or come in contact with, something that pissed your skin off. We can turn our acne on or turn it off by the dietary decisions we make and personally, I prefer to keep it off ;-)

Take care

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