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[QUOTE=ShadowLink]SweetJade1, I'd love to agree with you. However you are ruling out the fact that allergies and intolerances don't cause acne. Those are most closely related to 'hives'. And I assure you, breakouts due to allergies and intolerances are NOT actual acne.

And VeggieGirl, I wasn't trying to use you specifically for the examples I was pointing out. Just to those whom claim that they eat chocolate and their faces break out in 3-6 hours.

Also, if you do eat chocolate, and you do believe your face breaks out from it, it's not the fact that it's chocolate, or sugar. In many foreign countries in which our chocolate comes from, there are insects that feed off the plants. These insects lay eggs which are processed into chocolate (they aren't cleaned throughly), thus you have dead insect eggs in your chocolate. It's proven that many people actually have allergies to these insect eggs. U.S inspection actually allows most all of the 'infected' chocolate to be allowed into the U.S because it's not exactly unhealthy to eat these dead eggs. So, it's most likely someone's allergies to the dead eggs rather than what particular food they eat. Notice, how Jade stated "Allergies: minutes - 24 hours". That'd more clearly explain as to why you're face would break out hours after eating chocolate.[/QUOTE]

You are correct in that those breakouts may not be officially considered acne, but nor are they automatically hives or rashes. In fact there are a variety of different types of acne and they involve varying descriptions and locations on the body and are sometimes due to different causes. Usually [b]we tend to carry more than one type,[/b] depending on the cause, such as:

[U][b] [I]ACNE[/I]:[/U]

etc. [/B]
[SIZE=1][sometimes you can tell the cause by the name][/SIZE]

However if you breakout and it is red "real red" not just "irritated red" then that is probably more likely due to an allergy...but it may still be considered a form of acne. I can tell you that I very rarely develop actual red acne/breakouts and when I have, I've yet to been able to pinpoint it to anything, except this mask I once used (had yarrow extract). When they do develop (usually 1 - 3 spots at a time on the neck or lower arm), they don't respond to traditional acne treatments & sometimes not even hydrocortisone (anti-inflammatory). Therefore, I do not consider those to be acne, but I do consider those to be a form of a "break out".

Pesticides (Cholaracne or Yusho)

Certain Herbs (yarrow, dong quai, vitex/chaste tree berry, etc)

Certain Medications (antibiotics, anti-fungals, glucocoritcoids, lithium, ADHD meds, antipsychotics, etc)

[SIZE=1][some of these are used to HELP us, but used by the wrong person or abused and the opposite can result][/SIZE]

Are all capable of aggrivating or inducing acne-like lesions, papules, cysts, or acne similar to various types of rosacea. If it looks like "acne" and acts like "acne" , I guess a way to know whether it is or not is whether it responds to traditional acne treatments. Then again, obviously considering the existence of this board, regular acne doesn't always respond to acne treatments, so how does one know the difference? ;)

Anyway, if you are planning to give the diet a try let us know how it works out. Definately there can be bugs, micoorganisms, or pesticides on the foods we eat that can cause us problems. However please don't neglect the fact that it could also be, for example in "regular" chocolate candy the dairy, trans fats, and sugar in the chocolate candy that is causing the problems for members, such as myself. Personally I avoided chocolate candy and soda for 10 years and never saw a difference until I avoided my biggest culprit, Gluten (wheat, barely, rye, & oats),and I am not Intolerant. The other stuff only affects my acne about 4% - 5% so no wonder I never noticed a difference.

Best wishes

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