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I only had a few spots up until a few weeks ago. Everynorning I wake up theres a new bunch. Today I a in so much pain I cant, smile yawn, talk or sneeze!! The pain is unbearable. I'm not even worried about self esteem, I'm becoming ill and really feel sick.

I want anyone here to tell me the cause of this. Im gonna give an exact detail of what I've ate, done to my face below. Anyone please tell me what I could be doing wrong and help a sick guy out. Thanx.

Ever since I began getting spots bad a few weeks back, I decided to wask morning and night. In the morning I take a shower and spray hot water at high pressure onto my face. At night I take a bath. I put my head under the water and wash my face. I then apply an egg mask whilst in the bath and wash it off 10 mins later.

What could it be here? Too much washing causing skin to dry out and produce more oil? High pressure water?
Egg mask?

I used to take 4 200mg tabs of B5 a day- since I stopped my spots came back so I guess this is the main prob and I have ordered a new batch of B5. Should arrive tomorrow.

I used to take zinc supplements but I read here that zinc could cause acne so I stopped taking it whilst my spots were worstening- didnt do anything and they just got even more worse!!

I take a multivitamin everyday and I havent stopped taking that so that has done nothing to my acne- good or bad!

I PICK PICK AND PICKED myself into this corner so this is a big factor in the PIZZAFICATION of my face!
I will stop as from now.

I lye sideways in bed so maybe thats causing these spots every morning? I dont change my pillow case either than often.

Whenever my spots got bad initially, I blamed it on oil of olay as I bought it when my skin was in top form and applied it every night. I think this caused blockages initially so I stopped using it.

Thats really all folks. I cant think of anything else that ive changed since my skin was 100% fine!!

Any offers??

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