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Hey Gals,
This bumpy skin thing has been the bane of my existance for the past year! I just finally-about 3 months ago, have gotten it under control.

I do gylcol/salyic peels in a docs office about every 2-3 weeks, plus i use a mild face wash, BP scrub and glycolic 10% then BP 10% ontop every morning and night.

It has helped tremendously. the peels help the scars.

I also use Bare Essential Mineral make up to hide scars now, i live with my Boyfriend and he doesnt even notice them that much!

Good luck to you all and dont let this get u down
I am definitley considering the peels--it does seem like a really good investment (especially considering all of the money I have spent and still continue to spend on my complexion!). My face does seem to be getting better though--I know that I have only used these products for 3 days now, but I think they are helping--I will keep everyone posted.

As a side note: I saw the football player guy that I talked about earlier in this thread (and his new perfect little girlfriend who was with him). He was looking me over big time. I felt really self-conscious because the lighting was so much brighter than when I met him (that had been my concern the whole time he was calling me). Anyway, I am just going to move on--he certainly has.
Hey Girls!!! (and Guys!!)

My face has improved so much!!!!!! I also added (last week) the Neutrogena Microdermabrasion System to my skin care regimen---this has made my skin sooooo much smoother and has also faded all of my red spots (some of them have even disappeared!!). I absolutely loooove this product!!!!

The only problem that I have encountered was that on Saturday I woke-up and took my vitamins on an empty stomach---also I did not eat very much the day before because it was such a crazy day!! I did eat a sandwich shortly after taking the vitamins and a little bit later I started feeling sick. I ended up having stomach problems and I threw-up (yuck!!!). I am just wondering if taking the vitamins w/o having eaten is what caused my upset stomach and stomach pain (it was horrible!). I never threw-up again after that one time and I had not been around anyone with a virus recently. Now I am a little scared to take the vitamins--I think that Niacin was the most likely culprit if my sickness was caused from the vitamins. Do you guys think it was the vitamins???---let me know! (Also, if I do take the vitamins again I will MAKE SURE that I eat before hand--but even then I am still a little scared to take them.)

Anyway, thanks so much everyone!!!!---I hope you all had a fun weekend!

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