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I don't think you should let acne control your life! Don't be embarassed because you have bumps on your skin. I know plenty of attractive people who have acne, including myself and probably you! Even though I am married, I still get asked out occasionally. I always turn them down but it feels great knowing that I am attractive despite acne. If there is someone you are interested in, go for it! If he is a descent person he will not judge you based on that. When I met my husband (5 years ago) he had pretty bad acne, but I didn't care because he was so funny and intelligent. Less than a year later he was completely clear. See what I would have missed out on if I had passed him up!

Try to focus on what you love about yourself, and don't worry about people judging you all the time, because they probably aren't.
I've been doing peels for about a year now. What a difference they make, especially for the little under the skin pimples. Everything comes to the surface and then just sheds away. I had BP disaster on my chest this past week (didn't know the product had BP in skin does not tolerate BP at all). Well anyway, it caused a zillion little bumps to appear all over. I went for a peel yesterday, woke up today, and most of the bumps are gone. However, the downside is the price, $110 dollars a pop, then another $10 tip. My friendís an esthetician so I think Iím going to have her show me how to do them myself, then buy the peels online.
Ok....Here's my advice (suffering acne for 26 years). Never, never, never use scrubs. We obviously suffer the same kind of acne...little plugs or pustules that can be covered with makeup, but feel like sandpaper to the touch. The scrubs only aggravate. I get the bumbs from BP as well. Hence the disaster I described in my message. I too am prone to spend way more time in the mirror looking and touching than I should. I use a lancet to extract (a professional one), but if the pustule is to the surface. Never extract anything you can't see. In fact, at my last facial, my esthetician couldn't find anything to extract (yippee). But this week is a different story.

I'm clear (I'm talking 95%) for 3 weeks out of the month. The week of my period, my skin goes crazy and I get hundreds of little bumbs all over. What I'm doing now is trying to get my peels the week before my period. However, my period is inconsistent at the moment because I went of the pill last summer and I'm still not regular (was on it for 10 years).

Now, the peels in the drugstores are not even close to what you get thru an esthetician. Professional grade peels are between 40-70% lactic acid (sensitive skin) or glycolic/salyc acid(oily/acne skin). When I get a peel, all the gunk plugged in the pore comes out just one day after the peel. Plus, the red marks clear like 100x faster.

Professional peels are expensive, but to me they are worth the money. All it takes is one peel per month. Dinner out costs more. I would rather have a peel than dinner any day of the week.

If you don't mind me asking, how old are you? I suspect, I'm an elder of this board and can share the do's and doníts of my 26 year battle. I've done it all: 3 rounds of accutane, every antibiotic ever made, topical retinoid of every kind, bacteria killing topicals of every kind. You may be asking why a doctor would give me accutane(a non cystic acne sufferer) . Well, even the doc (head of dermatology at NEMC in Boston) said "this kind of acne is the most stubborn to treat". That just about made me want to cry. They can clone dolly but they can't find a cure for acne.

In all my years, I can now say that I'm 95% clear for 3 weeks of the month. I was not able to say this until last year. My goal, obviously, is to be clear 100% of the time every week of the year. I think I can achieve it. I feel like I'm sooooo close. So, I'm back to my research. And doing mini experiments on myself. Right now I'm trying 2 new products. I'm doing half my forehead with one product and the other half with the other. I'm going to see which one works.

Also, never try a new product over your entire face. Always do patch test. I would have never used a product with BP all over my chest had I known that the product contained BP. Big mistake. I do my patch tests on my forehead or chest (most prone to bumbs).

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