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ive taken accutane 3 full times works wonders for about 3-4 months after im done, then it slowly starts coming back. ill get a pimple here and there and think, "oh well, its nothing much. its bound to happen". then more come back. to finally where im at now- full acne again.

dont think i dont wash, cuz i do everyday. im a male btw, so i have the problem with facial hair and shaving which i believe could be the problem since my acne is only where the facial hair is. ive tried everything from switching to a blade that doesnt cut close enough so to avoid ingrown hairs (bump fighter), to using every neutrogena product in their shaving line.

i just started using the neutrogena anti-wrinkle/blemish cleanser to help get rid of the scars i have cuz ive talked to a bunch of people who say that glycolic acid is really good with smoothing out your skin. only prob- ive started getting a bad outbreak from it. i wanna stop, but ive been told i shouldnt and all its doing is bringing everything out and exfoliating my face big time and the end result will be that i have a new/smooth layer of skin and all the bacteria was pushed out too

im really fed up with this whole acne thing...just as most people are. ive had it since i was around 12 or 13 and im almost 20 now and theres no end in sight even with 3 treatments with accutane. my acne isnt even HORRIBLE where it adds on a 5" thick leather layer to my face, but just a enough cysts around my face that when one goes away, another comes back. i have about 5-6 big cysts at any moment, and a bunch of blemishes and about pimples (the ones that produce whiteheads) at any moment

im about to go to the derm (havent been there in a year cuz i thought it was finally over) to hopefully get a predisone prescription since that is what got rid of my cysts during accutane (and literally within a day or 2).

but what can i do for the blemishes and whiteheads?
[QUOTE=Mr. Rich]What dosages of accutane have you used in the past?

Your doctor probably put you on low dosages, so that he could get you back in the office later on. The more you visit the doctor, the more money he makes. Think about it.

I did 60 mg of accutane per day for 10 weeks and completely cleared up my skin, and I haven't had problems since. And it went from being severe acne, to all gone.[/QUOTE]
i had gone to 3 different derms for each treatment. the 1st one cleared me up fairly easily (aside from the stress/depression that itll never get better and only get worse). the second came back about a month after i was done, but i went on a small treatment that cleared me for about a year. then it came back on my neck/cheeks where my facial hair started coming in thicker. the same doc prescribed me a light dosage cuz he didnt wanna go to heavy on it since ive already been on it twice. when i moved away for college, the derm up here who was younger (and probly knowing more "recent" studies on accutane and skincare) and decided that since my liver profile had consistantly come back flawless except for the usual increased cholesterol, she upped it to a high dosage (i think 80?). it wasnt getting too much better, so she also gave me a week of Prednisone prescription (an oral steroid). IMMEDIATELY, and i literally mean IMMEDIATELY, all the inflamation i had on my neck had gone away and continued going away for the that week. It was only slightly inflamed and didnt come back, so she gave me one more week on prednisone that pretty much completely got rid of all inflamation in my neck. She decided to give me the prednisone cuz i was nearing 6 months and the inflamation was going away and it was just so horribly inflamed that it didnt appear that it would go away within the end of the maximum recommended dosage time for accutane. As soon as the inflamation was gone, i was 99% clear from new pimples and i simply just had scarring and blemishes.

I didnt go on a followup antibiotic cuz she felt from how my history of how i reacted to all the other prescriptions (irritation/dryness/breakouts), she wanted to try to see how i would be without it.

Again- it was about a year of completely clear, then all of a sudden it came back...only moderately and under control- nothing really embarassing cuz ive been with acne for the past ~6 years and ive learned to deal with it and cover it up enough that people rarely see it

i stopped using the neutrogena healthy skin and almost immediately i stopped breakin out. right now im workin on cleaning my skin and moisturizing it (to keep irritation down...its my feeling that my acne comes from irritated skin) and its pretty much back under control. i havent had the need to shave in the past week, which is also good cuz i havent been able to go this long w/out shaving in a while...alot of redness has gone away too. im gunna try and go as long as possible w/out shaving...i need to stay as clear as possible within the next few weeks- cant look bad for panama city :cool:

ive also decided to not worry bout my scars right now and just to wait till i outgrow the acne to which then i can exfoliate my skin as much as possible w/out worrying bout irritating it and breakin out. im also gunna look into having my derm prescribe me a few doses of prednisone so i can take it whenever i start getting inflamed (my acne on my neck gets VERY inflamed and to the point that it gets painful to turn my head).

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